Are Hotel Swimming Pools Open

Overview of the Current Status of Hotel Swimming Pools

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on hotel operations worldwide. As hotels strive to ensure the safety and well-being of their guests, many have had to make adjustments and implement new protocols. In this article, we will focus on one specific aspect: whether hotel swimming pools are open or not.

Factors Affecting the Opening of Hotel Swimming Pools

Government Regulations and Guidelines

Government regulations play a crucial role in determining whether hotel swimming pools can operate during these challenging times. The specific regulations vary across different regions or countries, with some being more stringent than others.

These regulations often impose certain requirements or restrictions that hotels must adhere to in order to keep their swimming pools open. These may include limiting pool capacity, implementing social distancing measures around the pool area, and ensuring regular cleaning and sanitization.

Hotel Policies and Protocols

Hotels themselves have also taken proactive steps to adapt their operations in light of the pandemic. They have implemented strict policies and protocols aimed at ensuring guest safety while using their swimming pools.

To maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards in pool areas, hotels now follow rigorous cleaning procedures that involve frequent disinfection of high-touch surfaces such as handrails, lounge chairs, cabanas (if available), etc. Additionally, they provide hand sanitizing stations throughout these areas for guests’ convenience.

Current Status of Hotel Swimming Pools


  • Hotels fall into three categories based on pool availability: those with open swimming pools; those with closed swimming pools; those with partially open swimming pools.
  • Hotels With Open Swimming Pools:

    • Some limitations or restrictions may be in place depending on local guidelines.
    • Additional safety measures might be implemented by individual hotels to minimize any potential risks associated with COVID-19 transmission.
  • Hotels With Closed Swimming Pools:

    • There could be various reasons behind temporary closures such as government regulations, maintenance work, or limited staffing.
    • In such cases, hotels may offer alternative options to guests looking for a swimming experience, such as access to nearby public pools or partnering with local water parks.
  • Hotels With Partially Open Swimming Pools:

    • These hotels allow pool access under specific conditions and guidelines set by the authorities.
    • Certain limitations or restrictions may be in place to ensure guest safety.

It is crucial for guests planning to use hotel swimming pools to stay informed about their current status. This information can typically be found on hotel websites or obtained by directly contacting the hotel’s front desk.

Tips for Guests Planning to Use Hotel Swimming Pools

If you are planning on using a hotel swimming pool during your stay, here are some important tips to keep in mind:

  • Check the latest information: Before heading out for a swim, visit the hotel’s official website or contact them directly. They will provide up-to-date details regarding pool availability and any rules or guidelines that must be followed.
  • Understand and adhere: Familiarize yourself with any rules or guidelines set by the hotel. This includes capacity limits, social distancing requirements, mask policies (if applicable), and any other measures put in place for guest safety.
  • Personal precautions matter: Take personal precautions while using the pool area. Consider bringing your own towels and goggles if desired. Practice social distancing from others who are not part of your group/family and avoid crowded areas whenever possible. Remember to shower before entering the pool and again after leaving it.


Q1: Are all hotels currently opening their swimming pools?

A1: No, not all hotels have opened their swimming pools yet due to various factors including government regulations, maintenance work schedules, staff availability etc.

Q2: Can I bring my own floatation devices into a hotel swimming pool?

A2: It depends on individual hotel policies; however, it is advisable to contact the hotel directly or refer to their website for specific information regarding the use of floatation devices in their swimming pools.

Q3: Are hotels providing towel service at the pool?

A3: Yes, many hotels are still providing towel service; however, guests may be required to follow certain guidelines such as maintaining social distancing while waiting for towels and returning used ones in designated areas.


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In conclusion, hotel swimming pools have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. While some hotels have managed to keep their pools open with additional safety measures in place, others have had to temporarily close or partially restrict access. As a guest planning on using a hotel swimming pool during your stay, it is important to stay informed about current pool availability and adhere to any rules or guidelines set by the hotel. By taking personal precautions and following these recommendations, you can enjoy a safe and refreshing swim during your vacation.


  • Outdoor pool: A swimming pool located outside of a building, usually surrounded by open space or landscaping.
  • Resort: A hotel or vacation destination that offers various amenities and recreational activities for guests.
  • Hotel pools: Swimming pools located within a hotel property, often available exclusively to hotel guests.
  • Summer: The warmest season of the year, typically characterized by hot weather and longer daylight hours.
  • Restaurant: An establishment where meals are prepared and served to customers in exchange for payment.
  • Pool hours: The designated time frame during which the swimming pool is accessible to guests or visitors.
  • Rooftop pool: A swimming pool situated on the roof of a building, providing elevated views and a unique setting for relaxation or recreation.
  • Pool deck: The area surrounding the swimming pool that provides space for sunbathing, lounging, or socializing.
  • Private cabanas: Enclosed seating areas adjacent to the pool deck that offer privacy and additional amenities like shade, lounge chairs, and sometimes food/drink service.
  • Views : Scenic sights visible from certain vantage points such as rooftops or balconies; could include city skylines or natural landscapes.
  • Bottled water : Packaged drinking water sold in bottles; commonly provided at hotels for guest convenience.
  • Non-hotel guests : Individuals who are not staying at the hotel but may have access to its facilities (including pools) through day passes or other arrangements.
  • Day passes : Temporary admission tickets allowing individuals who are not hotel guests access to use specific amenities (e.g., pools) within the property during daytime hours.
  • Heated pools : Swimming pools with temperature control systems ensuring comfortable warmth even during colder months/seasons
    . Water slides : Structures built alongside swimming pools that provide amusement by allowing people to slide down into the water from various heights/tubes/designs/etc.
  • Summer months : Refers to the period of time when summer is in effect, typically consisting of June, July, and August.
  • Seasonal pools : Swimming pools that are only open during specific times of the year (e.g., summer season) due to weather conditions or operational preferences.
  • Largest pool: Refers to a swimming pool with the most significant size or surface area among others within a particular context or location.
  • Water Park: An amusement park featuring various water-based attractions such as slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, etc.
    • Warm water: Pool water maintained at a higher temperature for comfortable swimming experience even in cooler weather conditions.
    • Washington: A state in the United States known for its natural beauty and diverse landscapes.
    • Poolside cabanas : Enclosed seating areas located alongside the swimming pool offering shade and additional amenities for relaxation.
    • Summer heat : High temperatures experienced during the summer season.
      • Hotel guests : Individuals who have booked accommodations at a hotel establishment.
        • Chaise lounge chairs : Long reclining chairs designed for outdoor use near swimming pools or other recreational areas.
          • Family vacation: A trip taken by members of an immediate family unit (parents and children) with an emphasis on spending quality time together and enjoying leisure activities
            • Panoramic city views: Sweeping vistas that showcase an entire city’s skyline from certain vantage points
              • Unobstructed views: Clear line-of-sight without any physical barriers blocking visibility; often used to describe scenic sights from hotels/pools/etc.
                -Day pass holders : Individuals who possess valid day passes granting them access to specific hotel facilities (e.g., pools) during designated hours/days without being overnight guests
                -Mandalay Bay: A well-known hotel resort located in Las Vegas famous for its extensive pool complex including multiple large swimming pools, a lazy river, and a sandy beach area.
                -Lazy river: A meandering pool with a slow current designed for relaxation where individuals can float along on inflatable tubes or simply enjoy the gentle water flow.
                -Ceiling fan: An electric fan suspended from the ceiling that circulates air within an enclosed space to provide cooling comfort.
                -MGM Grand: A prominent hotel and casino resort situated in Las Vegas offering various amenities including pools, restaurants, and entertainment options.
                -Cold drink : Beverages served at low temperatures to provide refreshment and quench thirst during warm weather or physical activity.
                -Pool details : Specific information about the swimming pool such as dimensions, depth, capacity, design features (e.g., slides), etc.
                -Pool in hotel : Refers to any swimming pool located within a hotel property available for use by guests.
                -Zero-entry swimming pool: Also known as beach entry or sloping entry pool; it has a gradually sloping floor instead of steps or ladders making it easy for people to enter without stairs.
                -Crack-A-Lackin’ Pool parties : Fun-filled events held at pools featuring music, games/activities attracting lively crowds who gather to celebrate summer/vacation vibes
                -City Park Pool : A specific public swimming facility named “City Park Pool” potentially referring to one located in Washington DC mentioned later.
                -Plunge pool: A small deep-water feature often used for cold plunges after sauna sessions or just quick dips providing refreshment.
                -South Beach Pool: Referring either specifically to the South Beach neighborhood in Miami known for its vibrant atmosphere/beach lifestyle OR another distinct location/hotel bearing this name that offers a unique experience related to pools/recreation.
                +Spa pool: A smaller, often heated pool with water jets or hydrotherapy features typically found in spa facilities for relaxation and therapeutic purposes.
                +Edora Pool Ice Center: An ice rink complex located in Edora Park, Fort Collins offering a swimming pool during summer months for recreational use.
                +Hotel glass-bottom pool setup: Refers to the construction/configuration of a hotel swimming pool with transparent/glass sections allowing guests to see through the floor into lower levels or surrounding areas.
                -Indoor pool : A swimming facility located within an enclosed structure such as a building or facility.
                -Largest rooftop pools : Refers to the largest-sized rooftop pools available within a specific context/location, providing open-air recreation space and scenic views from above ground level.
                -Outdoor pool complex : A collection of multiple outdoor pools and associated amenities situated together within one area/property (e.g., resort).
                -Penthouse Pool : Exclusive high-level/top-floor swimming facilities typically offered in luxury hotels/apartments reserved for penthouse suite occupants only.
                -Pool time: The duration spent at/in/on/around the swimming pool engaging in activities like swimming, sunbathing, socializing etc.
                -Postage stamp-sized rooftop pool : Describes an extremely small rooftop po

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