Code 93 intex saltwater system

Error 93 intex saltwater

What is the meaning of code 93? – Intex Automatic Salt Water System for Above Ground Saltwater Pool Code 93 = Excellent News! 😀 It’s your Saltwater Chlorinator’s method of informing you that it’s operating correctly and that the salt level in your pool’s water is optimal/good and no water maintenance is needed.

The code 93 simply indicates that it is not actively converting salt to chlorine and is in’standby mode after the programmed cycle. The unit began converting salt to chlorine immediately after you programmed the number of hours you wanted it to run (by pressing the left (down)arrow until you heard the beep, then pressing the right (up)arrow until you heard the beep – then pressing up until you reached the desired number of hours you wanted the unit to operate (minimum 1 hour, maximum 12 hours)
This is excellent news. When you click either button after the amount of hours of operation has expired, your machine will give you a code. If your salt level is too low, you’ll get code 91; if your salt level is too high, you’ll get code 92; and if your water flow is too low, you’ll get code 90 (which gives you time to fix it before the next cycle starts). If there is no problem with the water in your pool, your device will go into standby and wait until the time comes to run the number of hours you specified (it will start its cycle at the same time every day until the pool owner reprograms the intex saltwater pool it). When this occurs, look for code 93.

So, to summarize: code 93 intex saltwater system

93 is a good salt codes for the intex saltwater generator as part of your pool care.
Salt level is too high (code 92). (About 20% of the pool’s water should be drained and replaced with fresh water.)
Code 91 indicates that the salt level is too low. (Salt to taste.)
Low Water Flow (Code 90) (Make sure your filter is on.) If it’s in good working order, you could discover that it’s too tiny for your pool. I spent more time cleaning the pool than swimming in it since the filter that came with it was FAR TOO SMALL. A 1500 filter arrived with my 18′ x 4′ pool. I now have a Sand Filter 4000. This, along with the Saltwater Chlorinator, means virtually little upkeep. The total cost of these items was around $500. WELL WORTH THE MONEY!!!)
Startup mode is indicated by the code 88. (Hold down the down arrow until you hear a beep.) Keep pressing the up arrow until you hear a beep. Press the up arrow until the device is set to run my salt for the desired amount of hours.)
As an added bonus, the machine is powered by the sun. This implies that the device converts the salt in your pool into a natural chlorine output, which is then returned to it. This natural chlorine is converted to salt by the sun. This salt is sent via your filter to your saltwater chlorinator, where it is transformed back into natural chlorine and returned to your pool, where it is then exposed to the sun… I believe you understand. 😉 It’s a never-ending process. ~ As a result, rather than programming your saltwater chlorinator to compete with the light, you should program it to assist it in working with the sun. This is accomplished by scheduling it to run at night. This way, your unit isn’t working overtime to manufacture chlorine while the sun is hard at work turning it to salt. I’ve seen a few articles that suggest running your saltwater system at night and your filter throughout the day. This is a notion that I don’t grasp. My filter operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and my saltwater chlorinator runs 12 hours a day, from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. I haven’t had to clean my pool since I set it up this manner, save for backwashing the filter every other month out of principle. My water is clear as a glass.
A final point of interest: my pool has a capacity of 6000 gallons of water. Intex advises 135 pounds of salt for this. I started with with one 40lb bag after reading some recommendations from other users. This was all I needed for my pool. I add one additional 40lb bag around once a year.
Because you are receiving code 93, I assume you have appropriately set up your pool and, as a result, are wondering, “Why is she giving me all of these stuff I don’t need to know?” If that’s what you’re thinking, please accept my apologies. I’m actually publishing for people who didn’t get it correct the first time (or who, like me, are researching before buying) so that they may get several questions addressed at once. I hope it’s okay with you that I utilized your query as a starting point for my piece.

What does the code 93 mean on the intex salt water pool system?

It means that your pool has finished the chlorination process and everything is perfect!

The code meanings are on top of the saltwater system for reference!

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