Does Fake Tan Come Off In Swimming Pool

Does Fake Tan Come Off in Swimming Pools?

Direct answer: Yes, fake tan can come off in swimming pools.

When it comes to maintaining that beautiful bronzed glow, many individuals wonder if their fake tan will hold up during water activities like swimming. In this article, we will explore why and how fake tan can come off in swimming pools and provide tips on how to prolong its longevity while enjoying your time in the water.

Why does Fake Tan Come Off in Swimming Pools?

There are several factors that contribute to the fading or removal of fake tan when exposed to pool water:

  1. Chlorine: The chlorine present in most pool water acts as a bleaching agent and can cause the color of your fake tan to fade over time. Additionally, prolonged exposure to chlorinated water can lead to the complete removal of the artificial tanning product.

  2. Water Exposure and Friction: Constant contact with pool water coupled with friction from activities like swimming or towel drying can also contribute to the fading or wearing off of your fake tan.

Importance of Understanding How Fake Tan Reacts in Swimming Pools

It is crucial for individuals who use fake tans regularly to understand how these products react when exposed to swimming pools. By having this knowledge, users can make informed decisions about using these products before engaging in any water-based activities.


  • Can I swim immediately after applying a fresh coat of self-tanner?

    • It is generally recommended that you wait at least 6-8 hours before immersing yourself into any kind of water after applying self-tanner.
  • Will sweating excessively affect my fake tan while I’m exercising?

    • Excessive sweating during intense workouts may cause some fading or unevenness on certain areas where there is direct contact between sweat and skin surface.

Factors That Affect Longevity Of Fake Tan In Swimming Pools

Several factors can affect how long your fake tan lasts when exposed to swimming pools:

A. Quality of the Fake Tan Product

Not all fake tans are created equal. Higher quality products often contain ingredients that provide better staying power in water, whereas cheaper or lower quality options may be more prone to fading or coming off.

B. Application Technique

The way you apply your fake tan can also impact its longevity in swimming pools. Properly preparing and applying the product ensures better adherence to the skin, increasing its resistance to water exposure.

Tips for Applying Fake Tan:
  • Exfoliate: Before applying fake tan, exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin cells and create a smooth canvas.
  • Hydrate Your Skin: Moisturize areas prone to dryness such as elbows, knees, and ankles before application.
  • Apply Evenly: Use circular motions with a mitt or applicator glove for even distribution of the product on your body.

C. Pre-Swim Preparations

Taking certain precautions before swimming can help prolong the life of your fake tan:

  1. Skin Preparation: Ensure that your skin is clean and free from oils or moisturizers before applying fake tan.
  2. Protective Barrier: Consider using a barrier cream on areas like nails, cuticles, palms of hands, and soles of feet where excessive contact with chlorinated pool water might occur.

Tips for Maintaining Fake Tan While Swimming

While it’s true that some level of fading may still occur in swimming pools despite our best efforts, there are steps you can take to extend the life of your faux glow:

A. Use Waterproof or Water-resistant Products

Opt for waterproof or water-resistant formulas specifically designed to withstand prolonged exposure to water activities like swimming.

Recommended Brands/Types:
  • Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam
  • Airbrush tanning solutions
  • Water-resistant spray tans

B. Apply a Top Coat or Sealant

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Adding a top coat or sealant to your fake tan can create an additional layer of protection against water damage.
Recommended Products:
  • Fake tanning top-up coats
  • Moisturizing body lotions with self-tanner ingredients
  • Barrier creams specifically designed for extending the life of fake tans

C. Limit Exposure to Chlorine

Minimize the amount of time you spend in chlorinated water as this can accelerate the fading process of your fake tan.

  • Take breaks from swimming and spend time lounging by the poolside.
  • Consider alternative water activities such as freshwater swimming or ocean swims where chlorine levels are lower.

How to Remove Fake Tan After Swimming

While we strive to maintain our bronzed skin, there may come a time when we want to remove our fake tan after a swim. Here are some recommended methods:

A. Fake Tan Removal Techniques

To effectively remove fake tan after swimming, try these techniques:

  1. Exfoliation: Gentle exfoliation using exfoliating scrubs or cleansing products can help lift away dead skin cells and gradually fade the color.
  2. Fake Tan Removers: Look for products that specifically target removing self-tanner residue.

B. Preventing Fake Tan Stains on Swimwear or Towels

To avoid staining your swimwear or towels with your fake tan, follow these precautions:

  1. Avoid Bar Soaps: Bar soaps often contain ingredients that strip away color, making them less ideal for maintaining artificial tans.
  2. Loose-fitting Clothing: Opt for loose-fitting clothing during workouts and immediately after swimming sessions to minimize friction and potential transfer of color onto fabrics.

Conclusion: Prolong Your Faux Glow While Enjoying Pool Time!

In conclusion, while it is possible for fake tan to come off in swimming pools due to chlorine and water exposure, there are steps you can take to prolong its longevity. By using high-quality products, applying them properly, and taking necessary precautions before swimming, you can enjoy your time in the pool without worrying about your fake tan fading or staining. And when it’s time to remove your faux glow after a swim, gentle exfoliation techniques and targeted removal products will help you achieve a fresh canvas for future tanning sessions.

Remember, maintaining a beautiful bronze color while enjoying water activities is possible with the right knowledge and skincare routine. So go ahead and dive into that pool confidently!


Shower: The act of cleansing the body with water and soap or shower gel.

Sunscreen: A lotion, spray, or cream that is applied to the skin to protect it from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Waterproof sunscreen: Sunscreen that is designed to resist being washed off by water.

Golden glow: A warm and radiant appearance of the skin achieved through tanning or using fake tan products.

Post: Referring to something done after a certain event or activity, in this case, after swimming in a pool.

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Choice: The act of selecting one option over another based on personal preference or circumstances.

Public pools: Swimming facilities that are open for use by the general public.

Freshwater: Water that does not contain salt and is typically found in lakes, rivers, and reservoirs.

Saltwater: Water that contains high levels of salt minerals commonly found in oceans and seas.

Skin hydrated: Skin that has enough moisture content to maintain its elasticity and healthy appearance.

Skin dry : Skin lacking sufficient moisture resulting in a rough texture and potential discomfort.

Layer of color : A thin coating of pigmented substance (in this case fake tan) applied onto the skin surface.

Beauty : An aesthetic quality associated with attractiveness and pleasing appearances.

Hair : The strands growing out from follicles on our head which can be styled for various looks

Excessive sweating : Abnormally high production of sweat beyond what is necessary for regulating body temperature.

Amino acids Building blocks of proteins present within our bodies involved in various biological processes.

Extended period A longer duration than usual pertaining specifically towards time periods here

Contact with water Coming into physical touch/interaction with H2O molecules either directly (skin)or indirectly(spray)

Prolonged water submersion Long-lasting immersion/exposure inside a body/pool/water container etc.,

Chlorine water Chemical-treated pool water with chlorine as a disinfectant

Clean water Water that is free from dirt, impurities and other contaminants.

Ocean water Saltwater found in oceans or seas.

Water clean The cleanliness of the water indicating its purity or freedom from pollutants.

Water resistant Capable of resisting penetration by H2O molecules to some degree without full protection against it.

Fake tanning : The act of artificially darkening the skin using products like fake tanning lotion or spray.

Tanning beds : Devices that emit UV rays to stimulate melanin production and achieve a tan.

Gradual tanning lotion : A self-tanning product that provides a gradual buildup of color over time.

Sunless tanning: Achieving a tan without exposure to the sun’s UV rays through the use of self-tanners or spray-on solutions.

Tanning lotion: A cosmetic product designed to darken the skin when applied, simulating a natural tan.

Traditional tanning: Sunbathing outdoors under direct sunlight for extended periods to acquire darker skin tones.

Fresher skin: Skin that appears revitalized, rejuvenated, and healthier in appearance.

Skin preparation: Preparing the skin before applying fake tan products for optimal results.

Skin-to-air: Referring to exposing one’s skin directly to air circulation after showering or drying off completely.

Skin type : Classification based on characteristics such as oiliness/dryness/combination etc., determining suitable skincare routine/products

Long-lasting DHA color element An ingredient commonly used in fake tan products which interacts with amino acids on dead cells for coloration lasting several days

Gorgeous glow A beautiful radiant sheen/appearance on your body due either naturally occurring/gained via cosmetic application

Creamy shower gels Moisturizing shower gels with creamy consistency enhancing softness/suppleness upon usage

Hot showers Showers with hot/warm water temperature for cleansing and relaxation purposes

Non-moisturizing Products or substances that lack moisturizing properties, potentially leading to dryness.

Clear shower gel A transparent liquid cleanser used during showers to cleanse the body without leaving residue.

Active ingredient The main component in a product responsible for its intended effect.

Natural ingredients: Ingredients derived from natural sources such as plants, minerals, or animals.

Extended time Prolonged duration beyond the usual length of time.

Period of time A specific span or interval during which something occurs or is valid.

Chlorine levels The concentration/amount of chlorine present in pool water after chlorination process

Chlorination levels : The measurement/evaluation of chlorine content within swimming pools

Tint A slight coloration applied to enhance appearance (in this context refers to cosmetic tint)

Self-tanning products: Products designed for achieving a tan without sun exposure, typically through lotions, sprays, or mousses.

Normal size : Standard/commonly available sizes usually found when purchasing products.

Shea butter A fat extracted from shea tree nuts used commonly as an emollient/moisturizer in skincare products.

Public swimming pools Swimming facilities open for use by the general public maintained by local authorities/entities

Cosmetic layer The layer formed on top of the skin by applying cosmetic products like fake tanning lotion

Upper layer Refers to the outermost part/surface e.g.,of skin affected/top surface/portion etc.,

Long-lasting spray tan Spray-on tan solutions that are formulated to provide extended color retention on the skin.

Larger surface Relating specifically towards areas with bigger coverage compared smaller counterparts

Chemical reaction A process where two substances combine chemically resulting in different compounds being formed

Couple days Referring towards “few” days up-to approximately three-four

Lukewarm water Water with a temperature that is neither hot nor cold, but rather warm.

Journey of Water The path or course water takes during various activities such as swimming or bathing.

Prolonged water exposure Long periods of time spent in contact with water, such as swimming for an extended duration.

Water after swimming Water used to rinse off the body after swimming or being in the pool.

Bath water Water used for bathing purposes, typically filled into a bathtub or shower.

Chlorine in pool water Chlorine chemical present within pools acting as disinfectant/purifier

Excess water: Surplus amounts of liquid beyond what is needed or desired.

Excess water absorption Absorbing more liquid than necessary by skin/hair/objects etc.,

Exposure to water will Directly encountering H2O molecules leads to

Extreme watersports Intense and adventurous activities involving physical exertion done on/in bodies of open-water

Airbrush tanning solution Specialized spray-on tanning solution applied using airbrushing techniques.

Airy tanning mousse Lightweight foam-like self-tanning product providing airy consistency upon application

Article on tanning A written piece focusing specifically on topics related to sunless/sunless/fake tans

Celebrity tanning expert : A recognized professional specialized in providing fake tan services/expertise and working with celebrities

Fake tanning lotion : Lotion-type cosmetic products formulated to simulate a natural tan when applied onto the skin surface.

Fake tanning product: Any product designed for achieving an artificial tan without exposure to UV rays from sunlight.

Fake tanning solution: Liquid-based substance containing ingredients meant for creating false coloration/tan appearance post-application

Hydrated skin: Skin that has sufficient moisture content resulting in plumpness and healthy appearance

Dry skin: Skin lacking adequate moisture causing rough texture/flakiness/discomfort etc.,

Dry skin types : Classifications based on specific characteristics of skin that lacks moisture and appears dry

Cosmetic color: The pigmented shade or tint achieved through the use of cosmetics, in this case fake tan products

Brown color: A shade commonly associated with a natural-looking tan or darker complexion.

Color in airbrush/spray Referring to the hue/shade/depth generated by airbrush/spray-on techniques (fake tanning)

Color match Matching the desired shade/tone of color when selecting a fake tanning product

Elements of color Different factors contributing towards overall appearance/hue/vibrancy etc.,of a particular shade

Natural-looking color A hue/shade closely resembling naturally occurring colors such as those from sun exposure

Faster color Quickly developing/imparting depth/intensity/hue to skin following application/fake tanning procedure

Bronze glow intact Preserving the warm, golden-bronze appearance attained through fake tanning.

Bronzy glow : A radiant, slightly reddish-brownish shine/appearance on your body due either naturally occurring/gained via cosmetic application

Extra glow Additional radiance/luminosity achieved beyond what is considered normal/baseline level.

Flawless glow A perfect/radiant shine/appearance obtained after successful application/procedure without any imperfections.

Flawless summer glow The ideal/radiant sun-kissed appearance achieved during summer months using fake tan products.

Beauty collection A range/collection/assortment specifically focusing on beauty-related items/products/goods

Beauty community A group/community comprising individuals interested in various aspects related to beauty such as skincare/makeup/etc.,

Beauty recommendations Suggestions/advice/reviews given for selecting appropriate beauty-related goods/products

Beauty treatment Services/processes aimed at enhancing physical appearances including facials/manicures/waxing/etc.,

Biggest beauty myths Widespread misconceptions/false beliefs regarding various beauty-related topics

24-48 hours A time frame typically ranging from one to two days.

8-12 hours A duration lasting between eight and twelve hours.

Couple of hours Referring towards a few (around 2)hours or short period of time

Creamy type lotion shower: Moisturizing body washes with creamy consistency that softens the skin during cleansing.

Additional steps Supplementary actions/activities required in addition to the main process/procedure.

Cleansing step The initial stage/steps involved in cleaning/washing, usually preceding other activities

Crucial step : An essential/important phase in a process necessary for achieving desired outcomes/results

Essential steps Fundamental/actions/tasks needed for completing a procedure/skincare routine/etc.,

Cleanser for exfoliation A specific type/formulation of cleanser used to remove dead skin cells and promote exfoliation.

Excessive exfoliation: Overly frequent or aggressive removal/removal of too many layers of dead skin cells leading to potential damage.

Exfoliation rate Rate at which dead skin cells are naturally shed/replaced by new ones over time

Exfoliating scrubs: Products designed with abrasive particles or ingredients meant to physically remove dead skin cells.

Sunscreen before swimming can Using sunscreen on your body as a protective measure against sun exposure before entering water

Application of sunscreen becomes Sunscreen application should be repeated periodically after being exposed/contacting water/submerging oneself in water etc.,

Alcohol-free moisturizer Moisturizers formulated without alcohol as an ingredient, suitable for sensitive/dry skins

Facial moisturizer Lotions/gels specifically designed for hydrating/moisturizing facial skin promoting optimal health/appearance.

Non-alcohol-based moisturizer Moisturizers made without using alcohol as an ingredient, potentially preferred for certain skin types/conditions.

Protective barrier Layer/barrier formed by certain products to protect the skin from external factors/damage/etc.,

Barrier function The protective role performed by the outermost layer of the skin in preventing moisture loss and keeping out harmful substances.

Blog post A written piece published on a blog platform that discusses various topics, often shared online.

Days post: The number of days following a specific event or occurrence (in this context refers to fake tanning).

Duplicate posts Repeated instances/copies of similar content shared across multiple platforms/accounts.

Coat of foam Applying layers/coating onto surfaces with a frothy/bubbly consistency usually achieved via aerosol canisters

Fresh coat head Putting on/freshening up/reapplying self-tanner specifically onto face/head area

Fading from saltwater swimming Loss/degradation/gradual disappearance of color/tan resulting from swimming in saltwater.

Gentle moisturizing body wash Mild cleansing product formulated to provide hydration/moisturization while washing off dirt/oil etc.,

Hair turning green : A phenomenon where hair absorbs minerals/chlorine compounds causing it to take on a greenish tint.

Fantastic hair removal method: An effective/successful way/method for removing unwanted hair effectively with positive results

Critical factor Key element/aspects significantly influencing outcomes/results/effects

External factor Influential elements outside/affecting/outside influence impacting outcome/effectiveness etc.,

Choice for people Viable option/preference suitable/appropriate for individuals based on personal circumstances/preferences

Excellent choice Highly recommended/optimal decision due to its superior qualities/features/potential benefits

Bar soaps Soap bars typically used during bathing/showering providing cleansing properties when lathering up

Gentle soap A mild/cleansing bar without harsh ingredients known for being non-drying or irritating to the skin.

Bleach levels The concentration/amount of bleach present within a solution/mixture/product, etc.,

Brown tint Adding brownish coloration/hue/shade to achieve desired appearance or visual effect

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