Does Planet Fitness Have A Swimming Pool

Does Planet Fitness have a swimming pool?

Planet Fitness is known for its affordable gym memberships and wide range of amenities. One of the questions frequently asked by potential members is whether or not Planet Fitness has a swimming pool. The answer to this question is yes, some Planet Fitness locations do have swimming pools available for use.

Locations with swimming pools

Not all Planet Fitness clubs have swimming pools, but there are several locations that offer this additional perk. Here are some of the Planet Fitness clubs that provide access to their indoor pool facilities:

  1. New York City – Midtown – This location features an indoor lap pool where members can swim and engage in water-based exercises.
  2. Los Angeles – Hollywood – Members at this club can enjoy the benefits of aquatic workouts in their spacious indoor pool.
  3. Chicago – Loop – The Loop location boasts an indoor lap pool that provides a great opportunity for low-impact cardio workouts.

Please note that availability may vary depending on your specific location, so it’s always best to check with your local club for details.

Benefits of swimming at Planet Fitness

Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise as it offers numerous health benefits while being gentle on joints and muscles. Some key advantages include:

  • Full-body workout: Swimming engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously, providing you with a comprehensive exercise program.
  • Low-impact: Unlike high-intensity activities such as running or weightlifting, swimming puts less stress on joints and soft tissues.
  • Cardiovascular fitness: Regular swims improve heart health by increasing blood circulation and lowering blood pressure.
  • Muscle recovery: Water-based exercises help alleviate muscle soreness after intense strength training sessions.

Amenities and features of Planet Fitness swimming pools

If you’re considering utilizing the swimming facilities at your local Planet Fitness club, here are some aspects you might want to know about:

Size and dimensions

The size and dimensions of the pools at Planet Fitness clubs may vary, but they are generally designed for lap swimming and aquatic workouts. While not Olympic-sized, these pools offer enough space to enjoy a satisfying swim.

Water temperature and cleanliness

Maintaining the right water temperature is crucial for a comfortable swimming experience. Planet Fitness ensures that their pool facilities are properly heated to provide members with optimal conditions. Additionally, regular maintenance routines are in place to keep the pools clean and well-maintained.

Lifeguards or staff supervision

To ensure member safety, some Planet Fitness locations have lifeguards or staff who supervise the pool area during designated hours. This additional level of support provides peace of mind while you focus on your workout.

Access and usage policies

While access to the swimming pool is an enticing perk offered by Planet Fitness, it’s essential to be aware of any membership requirements or limitations that may apply:

Membership requirements

In order to access the swimming pool at your local Planet Fitness club, you will need a valid membership plan that includes this feature. The availability of different membership options varies from location to location; therefore, it is advisable to inquire about pool-accessible memberships when joining.

Limitations on pool usage

Planet Fitness may have certain restrictions on using their swimming pools due to safety concerns or overcrowding issues. These limitations can include time restrictions (e.g., specific hours allocated for lap swims) as well as age restrictions (e.g., children under a certain age must be accompanied by an adult).

Additional aquatic facilities at Planet Fitness

Apart from their indoor pools, some Planet Fitness clubs offer other water-based amenities for members’ enjoyment:

  • Hot tubs: Relax after your workout with soothing hydrotherapy in one of their hot tubs.
  • Saunas: Unwind and detoxify in the heat of saunas available at select locations.

Please note that not all clubs provide these extra amenities; hence it’s recommended to check with your local Planet Fitness club for specific details.


Q: Are all Planet Fitness locations equipped with swimming pools?

A: No, not all Planet Fitness clubs have swimming pools. However, there are select locations that offer indoor lap pools and other aquatic amenities.

Q: Do I need a special membership to access the swimming pool at Planet Fitness?

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A: Yes, you will need a membership plan that includes access to the swimming pool. Availability of different membership options varies by location, so it’s best to inquire about pool-accessible memberships when joining.

Q: What are some benefits of swimming as an exercise?

A: Swimming provides a full-body workout while being low-impact on joints and muscles. It improves cardiovascular fitness, aids in muscle recovery, and offers a range of health benefits such as improved blood circulation and reduced blood pressure.

Q: Are lifeguards available at the Planet Fitness swimming pools?

A: Some locations may have lifeguards or staff who supervise the pool area during designated hours for added safety and member support.


In conclusion, yes, certain Planet Fitness locations do have swimming pools available for use. These indoor lap pools provide members with an additional avenue for exercising while enjoying low-impact workouts in water-based environments. Whether you’re looking to improve cardiovascular fitness or recover from intense strength training sessions, incorporating swim workouts into your fitness routine can be highly beneficial. Remember to check with your local club regarding specific access policies and any additional aquatic facilities they may offer.


Tanning: The process of exposing the skin to ultraviolet (UV) radiation in order to achieve a darker complexion.

Services: Offerings or facilities provided by an establishment, such as Planet Fitness, that cater to customer needs and preferences.

Trainer: A person who provides guidance and instruction in fitness exercises and workouts.

Black Card: A membership option offered by Planet Fitness that includes additional perks and benefits beyond the basic membership.

Tanning Beds: Enclosed devices equipped with UV lamps used for indoor tanning.

Machines: Exercise equipment designed to assist in physical fitness training or strength building activities.

Affordable Price: An affordable cost or price range that is considered reasonable within one’s budget constraints.

Massages: Manipulation of body tissues performed by trained professionals for relaxation, stress relief, or therapeutic purposes.

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Membership Cost/Fees/Prices:
– Startup Fee: One-time fee paid at the beginning of a new membership.
– Annual Membership Fee(s): Yearly recurring fees associated with maintaining a gym membership.
– Membership Fees/Prices/Costs : Regular payments required for continued access to gym facilities and services.

App Workouts:
Workout routines or exercise programs accessible through a mobile application (app).

Restriction on Tanning Frequency:
Limitations imposed on how often members can use tanning beds or booths within specific time frames.

High-Quality Fitness:
Fitness services, amenities, and experiences that are regarded as superior in terms of standards and overall value.

Premium Perks/Amenities:
Additional benefits available exclusively to members with certain types of memberships like Black Card memberships

Club Info:
Information about specific branches/facilities operated under the name “Planet Fitness”.

Personal Trainer:
A professional fitness instructor who offers personalized workout plans tailored according to individual goals, needs, abilities etc.

Injuries/Liability Issues/Liability Insurance :
Physical harm caused during workouts/exercise sessions; insurance coverage protecting against potential lawsuits arising from injuries sustained at the gym.

Perks Subject:
Additional benefits or privileges that may be subject to change based on the terms and conditions of membership.

United States:
Refers to Planet Fitness locations within the country of the United States.

Commitment Options:
Membership plans offering varying durations (e.g., month-to-month, annual) with different levels of commitment and cancellation policies.

Tons of Equipment/Extensive Array/Variety of Workout Equipment:
A wide range of exercise machines, tools, and apparatus available for use at a fitness facility like Planet Fitness.

Fitness Journeys/Gym Experience/Fitness Goals:
Individuals’ unique paths towards achieving desired physical fitness outcomes in a gym setting.

Fitness Veteran: An experienced individual well-versed in various aspects related to health, wellness, and fitness activities.

Workout Environment/Atmosphere/Friendly Atmosphere:
The overall ambiance or vibe present within a gym space during workout sessions; refers to how comfortable and welcoming it feels.

Pool Facility/Swimming Pool Facilities/Pools :
Designated areas where individuals can engage in swimming exercises or water-based activities.

Additional Perks/Amenities/Aquatic Perks : Extra benefits or facilities offered beyond basic access to gyms such as pools access,

Cardio Machines/Cardio-Focused Fitness Equipment/Low-Impact Cardio Equipment : Exercise equipment designed specifically for cardiovascular workouts with less impact on joints.

Aquatic Exercise Specialist : A professional knowledgeable about designing effective workout routines focused on water-based exercises.

Exercise Classes/Fitness Classes : Group sessions led by instructors aimed at providing structured exercise routines for participants.

Tanning Booth/Tanning Sessions : Enclosed spaces used for indoor tanning purposes; specific periods during which tanning takes place.

Sauna Facilities/Steam-Based Saunas/Unisex Saunas – Areas equipped with saunas using steam heat therapy techniques accessible to both genders.

Additional Amenities/Basic Amenities : Supplementary facilities or features available at the gym beyond the core services provided.

Weight Machines/Strength Training Equipment: Devices and apparatus specifically designed to facilitate strength building exercises.

Memberships with Pool Access : Membership options that include privileges for using pool facilities in addition to regular gym access.

Pool Service/Maintenance Costs/Gym Pools:
Expenses related to cleaning, upkeep, and general maintenance of swimming pool areas within a fitness facility like Planet Fitness.

Water Sports : Activities or sports conducted on or in water bodies such as swimming, diving, water polo etc.

Janitorial Staff : Employees responsible for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene standards throughout the gym premises.

Gym Trainers/Fitness Expert: Qualified professionals who guide members through workouts while ensuring safety and effectiveness.

Price Range/Cost of Membership/Affordable Gym Membership Plans :
Various levels of membership fees catering to different budget ranges; expenses associated with being a member at a gym like Planet Fitness.

Equipment-Related Injuries/Building-Related Injuries:
Physical harm caused by improper use of exercise equipment or due to accidents occurring within the fitness facility’s premises itself.

Atmosphere of Acceptance: A welcoming environment where individuals feel comfortable regardless of their body type, fitness level, or experience.

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