Elevator Pit Leak Repair Vancouver

Elevator Pit Leak Repair Vancouver

Water leaks can cause elevator pits to fill with water. Many elevator pits are usually located at or below the water table on buildings’ first floors. However, seasonal changes cause the water table to rise and fall, which may cause structural problems. Many property owners rely on Fraser Valley Concrete Services to provide specialized elevator pit leak repair in Vancouver, BC.

Why do elevator pits leak?

At Fraser Valley Concrete Services, we have been providing elevator pit leak repair services in Vancouver for many years. Our experts have noticed that one of the main reasons for elevator pit leaks is poor waterproofing installed during the construction phase of buildings.

Faulty waterproofing causes cracks to develop on the walls around the elevator pit. This may lead to leakage around the joints of the elevator pit. An aging waterproofing system may also cause leaks. With time, the outer layers of a building’s waterproofing begin to break down, which may lead to leaks.

What we can do

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Fraser Valley Concrete Services provides reliable elevator pit leak repair services to prevent damage to your building and elevator. The type of structure involved determines our solutions.

Water can seep through concrete walls through cracks. We can solve this problem by using specialized equipment to inject various substances that will seal the cracks. We apply excellent water reactive sealants that work well in wet conditions.

If the walls of your building have both brick and block, seasonal changes can cause the bricks and blocks to move at varying rates, causing the development of cracks. The cracks can cause wall joints and borders to crack and decay. We can solve this problem through a process known as curtain wall grouting where we inject grout through walls.

Why is it important to waterproof elevator pits?

Building owners often spend thousands of dollars on below-grade waterproofing mainly because of elevators. Many buildings in Vancouver, BC contain elevators. The elevators are designed in such a way that their shafts extend at least five feet below the lowest level floor slab. The elevator pit is the part of the elevator shaft located below the lowest occupied space.

Most elevator pits require below grade waterproofing to prevent leaks. Every province in Canada requires elevators in buildings to pass inspection before using. In addition, some provinces require elevators to inspected every two years or so. In Vancouver, BC, an elevator cannot pass the inspection if it has a pit leak.

Sources of below grade water leaks

Below grade water leaks may come from various sources including groundwater table, perched water, and rainwater. The soil at groundwater table is usually almost permanently saturated with water. Therefore, any space at or below the groundwater table is literally under water. Without adequate waterproofing, this water may leak into below-grade spaces, including elevator pits.

Above the groundwater table, water collects on a layer of soil. This water is usually referred to as perched water, and it can move laterally and leak into the elevator pit. Rainwater can also leak through cracks in the elevator pit as it percolates down to the groundwater table.

Fraser Valley Concrete Services is experienced in assessing elevator pits for leak damage. Consult one of our representatives today to determine the best solution for your elevator pit leak.

Elevator Pit Leak Repair Vancouver