Fcc certification cost

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For the best FCC certification cost, you can turn to the experts at Compliance Testing. Before being sold to the public, all devices that have intentional radiators have to be certified by the FCC.

There are strict rules and regulations set forth by the FCC that manufacturers are forced to follow. Disregarding the certification process can lead to legal fines, fees, and removal of your product from store shelves. It is always a smart decision to adhere to the guidelines the FCC requires, as it can save valuable resources.

Products brought to us at Compliance Testing undergo close inspections to ensure the product is up to code and meets FCC regulations and standards. A full comprehensive report is submitted to the manufacturer once the process has been completed. The report is also automatically submitted for review. Once the review has been finished, the manufacturer can proceed to sell their product on the market in the United States.

Trusted Since 1963

Since 1963, Compliance Testing has been providing valuable services to manufacturers. Interested parties can seek a free quote by reaching out to the customer service team at our one of a kind company. The FCC was created by the Commission in 1934 to regulate the national airways.

Since the inception of the FCC, manufacturers are expected to present all products to pass certifications before being sold. Some manufacturers feel like this is another hurdle for them to overcome, but it is mainly for the safety of consumers and the public. There isn’t anything wrong with taking a few extra steps to ensure the quality and functionality of a product that is regulated by the FCC. Communications should operate without any type of interference, which is why the FCC was created to begin with.

Direct Laboratory Experience

At Compliance Testing, we offer direct laboratory experience from engineers with specialty certifications and degrees. Our team is made up of experts who are ready to cut across a broad segment of transmitter products. In the past, our record of success has been a force to be reckoned with. Our company plans to continue that path in the future, as we progress towards the modern era. The combined experience at Compliance Testing adds up to over two centuries worth of expertise. If FCC rules, regulations, or requirements change in any way, you can count on us to be up to date. We are always thriving to provide a better customer experience that is personalized and affordable.

Stepping Outside of the Box

Those who are looking to step outside of the box can count on us at Compliance Testing. We can provide a detailed report regarding the testing results of your transmitter product. All testing information is kept confidential, with the exception of the copy sent to the Telecommunication Certification Body. The response time from Telecommunication Certification Body is typically speedy and efficient. Approval information will be sent out as soon as it is received, which can help get your products on the shelves more quickly than before.

Fcc certification cost

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