Industrial Misting Fans

Working in an industrial setting can get pretty stuffy and uncomfortable during the hot weather. The heat can consequently slow down productivity and, in some cases, affect highly sensitive commodities. Most companies rely on artificial cooling options like industrial misting fans.

A misting fan depends on the evaporation principle of water. In other words, it will require a water supply to work. The fan pulls clean water from the water tank, compresses the water with high pressure through solid nozzles, and releases the mist through small vents in the fan.

The mist only takes a few seconds to evaporate and moisten the dry, hot air. If you're standing close to the product, you're likely to feel the water particles on you, but they're so small and won't cause any damage.

Tips for Choosing the Right Industrial Misting Fan

When you’re buying an industrial misting fan, there are few key features to look for.

Ease of Installation

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If you're looking to procure an industrial misting fan anytime soon, you should consider the ease of installation of the machine. The system must be easy to navigate without requiring the services of an expert.

An ideal misting fan comes with a remote, allowing you to control its operation while sitting in one place.

Cooling Ability

One major reason why you'll acquire a mist fan is its cooling ability. A good industrial misting fan should have the capacity to cool a large area like an office or living room efficiently. It would also help if the fan can rotate and reverse, ensuring that the cooling effect spreads to most or part of the area.

If you’re looking for a maximum cooling effect, you can consider picking up a double fan portable misting system. The fans can create a large volume of ultrafine mist to cool the temperature wherever it’s used. Despite having two fans, it is portable and very mobile.

Size and Portability

A misting fan should be portable and easily movable. One thing that contributes to the mobility of a misting fan is the water tank. The water tank should be large enough to hold a substantial quantity of water to last for the period you'll need it. However, it should not be too large that moving it around becomes a problem. You also don’t need a large mist fan to enjoy a cooler temperature.

If you want, you can get one with wheels to aid easy movement around the house or office space, or you can get one light enough to be carried around easily.


Maintenance plays an important role in a system’s overall performance and should be an important factor when getting an industrial misting fan. A system with simple maintenance is usually more durable than those with more complex maintenance requirements.

For instance, if the misting fan's nozzle gets clogged, it should be easily detachable for cleaning. Spare parts should also be available should there be a need for it.

Mosquito Repellant

Asides from its cooling function, the best outdoor cooling fans also include a mosquito repellant mode. This will allow users to relax freely and enjoy their outdoor activities without worrying about mosquito bites.

Mosquito bites can cause uneasiness and itchy discomfort and expose people to infections like malaria. The mosquito repellant is particularly useful if you have young children around.

On hot days, your regular fan may not serve you as much as you’d like. It merely blows hot air around, making you even more uncomfortable. Unlike regular fans, industrial misting fans will reduce the office or room’s temperature, making you and everyone around feel more comfortable.

If you still have any questions about choosing the right cool-off misting fans, call us or shop now at for the best misting systems.

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Industrial Misting Fans