Floating Breakfasts Are Becoming Popular

Floating breakfasts are becoming more popular by the day. If you are an Instagram lover, you may have spotted pictures of floating breakfasts on an influencer’s or celebrity’s page. As the name suggests, this refers to breakfast served in a pool. More often than not, breakfast gets placed on a beautiful floating basket, and then placed in the pool. Some hoteliers make it special by adding flowers for better presentation.

The popularity of floating breakfasts

Floating breakfasts are more common in warmer areas. This is because homeowners have to eat their breakfast in outdoor areas. So, the weather has to be conducive. They are therefore more popular in the Pacific and Asia.

A majority of individuals say that floating breakfasts originated from Bali. But no one seems to know the exact resort or person who invented this idea.

Contrary to popular belief, the global pandemic made them more popular. Remember, resorts are still trying to reduce the congestion in buffet areas. So, they are gladly embracing floating breakfasts.

Solo dining has become more common from the outbreak of the pandemic. More tourists and travelers are looking for tranquil spaces to enjoy their meals. Thus, this makes them a popular choice among a majority of hotel guests.

General Manager at Amanjiwo in Bali, Jann Hess

All you need to create an ideal floating breakfast is a floating basket and a pool or plunge pool. Plunge pools are the best since they are smaller. Here, guests can sit while partially immersed in the pool water as they enjoy their breakfast. Using a crowded pool for floating breakfasts is not a good idea.”

Social media and floating breakfasts

Undoubtedly, social media makes floating pools look glamorous. However, it is not easy to enter and sit by the pool immediately after waking up. Standing in the pool right after waking up requires too much effort. So, does this mean that they are specially meant for taking pictures on social media only?

James Booth, a Sydney-based reporter for DMarge.com, says, “Floating breakfasts are quite challenging to execute. There was a time I got the opportunity to eat my breakfast in the pool at a certain time. Well, I ended up oversleeping, and I couldn’t have my breakfast in the pool.

Booth proceeds to say, “The area was very humid. Thus, it was not the perfect environment for leaving food outside.”

He also says that the food was cold by the time he was getting to the pool area. Nevertheless, he couldn’t fail to take a shot of the magnificent view of this floating breakfast in the pool. In fact, he positioned the floating breakfast to a larger area in the pool to get the perfect shot for social media. The baskets and trays eventually floated in different directions.

Booth says, “I couldn’t afford to ask for help; it was embarrassing. Consequently, I ended up spilling everything in the pool. But this was entirely my fault. The hotel employees had nothing to do with this accident.” He concludes by saying, “In my honest opinion, jumping onto the pool immediately after waking up is not such a good idea.”

Nonetheless, Booth says that if he ever gets the chance to have a floating breakfast again, he would observe certain practices. First, he would drink his coffee. Also, he would look for a safe spot in the pool where he can sit down and stand without spilling his breakfast.

The increased demand for floating breakfasts

General Manager of Koh Samui’s all-pool-villa Cape Fahn Hotel, Timo Kuenzli, says that almost all his hotel guests in 2020 requested a floating breakfast. He says, “People now invest in capturing moments. As a result, floating breakfasts are becoming more popular.”

Floating breakfast photos are also becoming good advertisement strategies for our resorts. Once people see such photos online, they’ll want to have the same experience. On Instagram, people check the location tag and get to book an experience for themselves.

therefore, there has been an increased demand for their experiences. Resorts, therefore, have to step up their game to brace this surge in demand. Generally, resorts should make their presentation exceptional.


Although floating breakfasts are not convenient, they are definitely worth the experience. However, always remember to drink your coffee first. Otherwise, the chances are high that you will spill your coffee into the pool. Moreover, look for a safe spot to sit and eat your breakfast by the pool. Once you get the chance to experience a floating breakfast, don’t forget to take a picture and post it on Instagram. The views offered by floating breakfasts are indisputably out of this world. Resorts should also do their best to offer an outstanding floating breakfast presentation. Doing this enables them to attract a larger customer base.

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