Vinyl liner replacement service in 2021

Have you ever thought about offering a vinyl liner replacement service? There is currently a high demand for line replacement services. So, one way to grow your business this year is by offering these services.

Carolina Pool and Spa owner Val Simoncic had extensive pool maintenance experience before meeting Greg Minton. Regional Sales Manager for Tara Pool & Outdoor Products, Greg Minton, introduced Val to the vinyl sheet replacement business. Simoncic says: “In 2015 Greg taught me everything I needed to know about the liner business. He showed me how to measure all pool types; vinyl, concrete and fiberglass. This has enabled me to expand my company over the years.”

Simoncic’s company Carolina Pool and Spa only uses Tara liners. Tara is a trusted vinyl liner manufacturer based in Alabama. The company has been in the industry since 1984. They then manufacture quality products that meet customer requirements. The company has always been an industry leader due to its precision and attention to detail. The liners at Tara offer exceptional aesthetics and durability. They are also available in a wide range of pool designs and colours.

Simoncic says: “Nowadays you can customize your liner to suit your pool. Liners also come in a variety of patterns and match water features like tanning bars. In fact, vinyl pools now offer high versatility like gunite pools. Still, you can’t build an infinity vinyl pool.”

As a result, the popularity of vinyl pools is constantly increasing. Remember these pools are affordable and can last a decade. Needless to say, you need to take good care of vinyl pools to increase their durability. Prolonged exposure of the vinyl pool to the sun can weaken or damage the liner.

Tara Pool & Outdoor Products offers over 26 liner patterns in a variety of materials, colors and sizes. Tara liners can give your garden a whole new charm. The best thing about these liners is that they come with an unwavering 20 year guarantee. This guarantee gives you a full vinyl liner replacement service within the first two years.

A modern visualization tool: The envision Pool Designer

Sometimes just seeing the liner on a standard image isn’t enough. Most customers would like to see how the liner will look in their pool before purchasing it. Luckily, Tara uses the Envision Pool Designer to showcase all of her liners to her clients. The software uses the reflective properties of the sun and water to show what a liner looks like when placed in the pool. This way, customers can see the result of the project even before the vinyl sheet replacement begins.

A while ago, Simoncic won a sale using the Envision Pool Designer without providing the customer with a sample of the foil. He says, “As soon as customers saw the brand new Tara pattern Aquamarine on Envision Pool Designer, they made their purchase. I told them I didn’t have a rehearsal at that moment, but they didn’t care. It’s like they’ve already made up their minds. They could access the visualizer via their smartphones. All in all, the aquamarine is a beautiful liner pattern and we will likely be the first company to install it.”

Vinyl liner pools are not famous for their aesthetics. Most people think that vinyl pools are not customizable and less appealing. However, Tara Pool & Outdoor Products is helping homeowners change their perception of vinyl pools. The company offers elegant liners that complement almost all pool designs. Simoncic says: “We had a customer who wanted to remodel their injection molded pool. She wanted to downsize her pool. When I asked her if I should tell her the price of a vinyl pool, she was skeptical. In fact, she said they weren’t attractive. But when I presented samples of our previous vinyl pool projects, she was blown away.”

2021 is the best way to increase your sales

Over the past year, the pool industry has seen increased demand for its services. Tara had its busiest year in 2020. Therefore, they had to increase their production to keep up with the high demand. In addition, the company went through an extensive rebranding.

Getting a liner from Tara is pretty easy. All you have to do is have the right measurements for the pool. During this time, also present all your customer requirements and specifications. Then send them to Tara. Manufacturers create a computer drawing of the liner and send it to you. Once you approve the drawing, they deliver the liner in about seven days.

Replacement of the vinyl liner

Offering vinyl liner replacement services can help you increase your sales and revenue. But you must deliver a quality installation. Luckily, Tara is here to help. Assuming you have any questions about liner installation, don’t hesitate to ask. Ultimately, Tara excels at their excellent reputation and customer service.

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