Intex saltwater chlorinator system eco gr/hour one

saltwater chlorinator system eco gr/hour one by Intex

Swimming pools that are above ground are suitable for this product.
Capacity of up to 15,000 gallons
Self-cleaning reverse polarity cell with three programmed settings
Boost mode using a single button

This technology is a cost-effective and simple solution to convert your above-ground pool to salt water. Continue reading to discover more about this popular chlorine generator’s finer characteristics.

Forget about using packaged pool chemicals, adding chlorine, fiddling with measures, and so on — this device will consistently supply clean water without any potentially harmful side effects. It has a capacity of 12 gph (gallons per hour) of chlorine and is quite simple to set up.

This Intex saltwater chlorinator is one of the most popular saltwater chlorinators for above-ground pools on the market. This Intex unit comes in two sizes: 7,000 gallon and 15,000 gallon. The filtration pump must have a flow rate of 700 – 3,200 gph and is built exclusively for above-ground swimming pools.

“E.C.O. electrocatalytic oxidation Technology” is featured.

To sterilize pool water, this device employs a unique two-stage process. The electrolysis process is used in the first stage to generate chlorine. E.C.O. electrocatalytic oxidation1 is the second step, which is exclusive to Intex.

Water molecules are broken into oxidants in this process, which eliminate pollutants like algae and bacteria. The effectiveness of the second step is such that the quantity of chlorine required is decreased by up to 60%. The needed level of chlorine is so low that it is undetectable in the water.

Simply attach the hose (1 1/2′′ hose & connection fittings) from the output of your pump to the device, and then run a hose from the output of the chlorinator back to the pool to complete the installation.

The amount of chlorine required in the water is very minimal due to the electrocatalytic oxidation process, and it cannot be sensed while swimming, resulting in a very pleasant bathing experience.

Pool Chlorinator by Intex

The Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System has a cell self-cleaning capability that helps to keep the unit’s maintenance to a minimum. The option to customize the self-cleaning cycle time is a unique feature of this technology.

There are three timer options: 6, 10, and 14 hours. The hour figures correspond to the time periods during which the system flips the plates’ polarity. It’s worth mentioning that reducing the number of polarity switches can extend the life of the electrolytic cell. In addition, the calcium hardness of the water influences how frequently the reversal polarity should occur. In the instructions, there is a table that lists the recommended settings dependent on calcium hardness.

According to the Intex handbook, manual cleaning and maintenance of the cell will extend its life.

Calcium buildup on the cell plates can occur with continuous operation, however this is usually avoided by switching polarity in the cell unit.

The translucent chlorinator cell housing allows you to immediately check the cell’s condition. Removing the cell plates and immersing them in an acid solution or a pre-made solution from local pool store makes manual cleaning easier.

intex salt water chlorinator system gr hour one

Please see our post How to Clean Chlorinator Plates for additional details on cleaning cell plates.

This chlorinator system has a programmable self-cleaning cycle that may be modified according to the water condition in your above ground pool.
Keypad and display picture for the Intex Saltwater System
The system is simple to operate: simply select the number of hours per day for which you want the chlorinator to run, and that’s it. The user handbook includes a detailed chart that shows how long the system should operate based on the type of above-ground swimming pool and/or pool capacity you have. The chart also includes suggestions for run times based on various ambient temperatures.

You’ll need to set your pump timer to start 5 minutes before and 15 minutes after the chlorinator’s scheduled run time. If the pump is not functioning, the flow sensor will prohibit the chlorinator from working. This is done to keep the cell safe from harm.

It also has a turbo function that may super-chlorinate the pool during high-use periods. For the first time, Intex advises utilizing the boost cycle.

The boost feature will run the chlorinator for eight times the duration the system is configured to run. The system returns to regular operating mode after the task is done. It’s critical to check that the pump timer is set correctly for this process, or alternatively, turn the pump on manually until the boost cycle is complete, then return the pump to timer mode.

Simple, intuitive control panel with a plethora of LED status indicators that provide a comprehensive picture of the operation at a look. A lockable keypad is also included to prevent inadvertent alterations to the settings.
From the moment of purchase, this saltwater chlorinator comes with a reasonable two-year guarantee. To establish the date of purchase, you’ll need your receipt.

It’s no surprise that this device is one of Amazon’s best-selling chlorinators, given its low price and excellent warranty coverage. Go to Amazon and read the numerous positive reviews for this product that have been written by many satisfied consumers.

Normally, you’d expect cheaper devices to be less dependable, but the overwhelming majority of favorable reviews appear to contradict this.

Features of the Intex Saltwater Generator – intex saltwater chlorinator system gr/h hour one

(Model: 26669EG Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System)
Models with a water capacity of 7,000 or 15,000 gallons are available (designed for above ground swimming pools)
Easy to install and capable of creating 12 gallons of chlorine each hour
Operation is simple.
Keypad that can be locked
Enhance functionality in order to super-chlorinate pool water.
Low-maintenance programmable self-cleaning cell
The status LED indicators provide a brief snapshot of the system’s state.
Note: To function, the system requires a pool filtration pump with a minimum flow rate of 700 GPH.
Krystal Clear Saltwater System by Intex

Pros Cons
Fits swimming pools that are above ground.
Control panel that is simple to utilize
24 hour auto clock with lockable keypad
3 modes of self-cleaning
Electrolytic cell made of titanium
Boost mode is activated by pressing one button.
Warranty period of two years
Temperature, PH, and salt levels are not displayed.

Description of the product Intex Salt Water Chlorinator System ECO 5g/h The INTEX swimming pool sanitation systems cleanse the water of the pool using a unique two-stage technique.

Natural chlorine is undetectable, making it extremely safe for all bathers.

The chlorine is created by adding natural and environmentally friendly salt to the filtering process, which passes through a titanium electrolytic cell.

As a consequence, the water is soft, fresh, and pure, with no chemical side effects.

The ECO (electrocatalytic oxidation) method separates the water molecules into very potent oxidants that kill organic contaminants like bacteria and algae in the second step.

When these oxidants are combined with natural chlorine, the water in the swimming pool is more efficient and safer to swim in.

The quantity of natural chlorine required and created by the system is lowered by around 60%.

This salt water chlorinator comes in a small package with a digital control panel.

A filter with a flow rate of between 2,650 and 11,355 litres per hour is required for the system.

It’s designed for swimming pools with a maximum capacity of 26,500 litres/water and produces 5 grammes of chlorine per hour.

This swimming pool water disinfectant has three self-cleaning modes: 6 hour, 10 hour, and 14 hour cycles.

Titanium plates, an extra power button, and a 24-hour/cycle automated clock are included.

The device’s voltage is 220-240V, and it has a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter).

5 g/hr chlorine created by Intex salt water chlorinator system with digital control panel.

A filter with a flow rate of 2,650 to 11,355 litres per hour is required, as well as swimming pools with a maximum capacity of 26,500 litres per water.

There are three self-cleaning modes: 6 hour, 10 hour, and 14 hour cycles.

Titanium plates, an extra power button, and a 24-hour/cycle automated clock are included.

GFCI protected at 220-240V (ground fault circuit interrupter).


The Intex saltwater system low salt

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