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How does intex saltwater system work

Saltwater System by Intex Krystal Clear

Appropriate for use with above-ground pools of the chlorine generator system

With a capacity of up to 15,000 gallons

Self-cleaning salt water chlorinator cell with reverse polarity and three preset settings is available.

Boost mode using a single button.

Warranty of 2 Years

To convert your above-ground swimming pool to salt water, this system is a very economical and simple solution. Continue reading to find out more about the specifics of this widely used chlorine generator..

This machine will supply consistent clean water without the risk of harmful side effects associated with packaged pool chemicals and chlorine addition, as well as fiddling around with measures, etc. With a chlorine delivery rate of 12 gph (gallons per hour), it is extremely simple and straightforward to set up and operate.

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It is one of the most popular saltwater chlorinators on the market for above-ground pools, and it is made by the manufacturer Intex. 7,000 gallon and 15,000 gallon variants are both offered in this Intex product. Designed primarily for above-ground pools, the unit requires a filtration salt water pump with a flow rate ranging from 700 to 3,200 gallons per minute (gph).

Electrocatalytic oxidation technology (E.C.O.) has the following characteristics:

When it comes to sanitizing pool water, this system uses a two-stage process that is unique. The electrolysis method is used in the first stage, which is the standard method of producing chlorine. Electrocatalytic oxidation (E.C.O.) is the name of the second stage, which is specific to Intex.

This process takes water molecules and breaks them down into oxidants, which are then used to eliminate pollutants such as algae and bacteria.. The effectiveness of this second step is such that the amount of chlorine required can be lowered by up to 60%. The amount of chlorine necessary is so tiny that it is undetectable in the water.

Simple connections are required for installation: connect the 1 1/2′′ hose and connection fittings from the output of your pump to the unit, and then connect the output of the chlorinator to a hose that returns to the pool, and you are done.

In addition, the electrocatalytic oxidation process reduces the amount of chlorine necessary in the water, which can be detected while swimming, resulting in a far more pleasant bathing experience for the consumer.

Maintenance Salt water vs chloring

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Intex Pool Chlorinator is a pool chlorinator that is manufactured by Intex Corporation.

With a cell self-cleaning mechanism, the Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System helps to keep the unit’s maintenance costs to a bare minimum. Setting the length of time for the self-cleaning cycle is something that makes this system stand out.

Three other options are available: six, ten, and fourteen hours. When the hour figures are displayed, they correspond to the time intervals during which the system reverses polarity on the plates. It is important to note that by utilizing less flipping of polarity, the life of the electrolytic cell can be increased. Aside from that, the hardness of the water in terms of calcium affects how frequently you should set the reverse polarity to occur. According to the calcium hardness, a table in the manual provides recommendations for setting the machine.

It is also recommended by the Intex user’s guide that manual cleaning and maintenance of the cell will extend its longevity.

Capillary calcium buildup on the cell plates can occur during continuous operation; however, by switching polarity in the cell unit, this buildup is almost entirely avoided.

Due to the transparency of the chlorinator cell housing, you can easily determine the status of the cell. Removing the cell plates and immersing them in either an acid solution or a pre-made solution available from your local pool store makes manual cleaning easier to accomplish.

Read our post on How to Clean Chlorinator Plates for more information on cleaning cell culture plates.

Its programmable self-cleaning cycle allows you to customize the settings for your above-ground swimming pool according to the water’s current condition.

intex salt generator


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Keypad and display image for the Intex Saltwater System

Simply set the number of hours per day that you want the chlorinator to run and that’s it. The system is straightforward to operate. According to the above ground swimming pool type and/or pool capacity you have, a complete chart is included in the user handbook that recommends how long the system should operate for each of these factors. In addition, the table provides run duration recommendations based on various ambient temperatures. Table 1.

Make a note of the fact that you’ll need to set your pump timer to begin running at least 5 minutes before and after the chlorinator’s scheduled run time. If the pump is not functioning, the flow sensor will prohibit the chlorinator from working. To protect the cell from further damage, it is necessary to use this technique.

A boost setting is also available, which can be used when the pool is being used heavily to super chlorinate the water. – When utilizing the product for the first time, Intex suggests using the boost cycle.

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The boost feature will cause the chlorinator to run for an additional eight times the amount of time that has been set for the system to be in operation previously. After it is finished, the machine returns to its default operating mode. The pump timer must be set appropriately for this procedure, or alternatively, the pump must be turned on manually until the boost cycle has been completed, and then the pump must be turned back on using the timer function.

Control panel that is simple and easy to use, with plenty of LED status indicators that allow you to see the current condition of the system in a single glance. Additionally, a locked keypad is provided to prevent unintentional modifications to the settings from being performed.

intex salt chlorinator


An impressive 2-year guarantee from the date of purchase is included with this saltwater chlorinator. For the purpose of proving the date of purchase, your receipt will be required.

It’s no surprise that this is one of Amazon’s best-selling chlorinators, given the low price and excellent warranty coverage provided. Visit Amazon to see the numerous positive reviews given by previous customers who have purchased this product..

Cheaper units are typically considered to be less reliable, however the large number of positive reviews on this product appears to be defying that assumption.

Specifications of the Intex Saltwater Generator

Saltwater System (Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System 26669EG, model number 26669EG).

7,000 gallon and 15,000 gallon capacity variants are available (designed for above ground swimming pools)

Each hour, it is capable of creating 12 gallons of chlorine

Uncomplicated setup

Operation is simple.

Keypad with a lock

Make it easier to super chlorinate the pool water by increasing functionality.

Self-cleaning cell that can be programmed to reduce maintenance requirements.

An overview of the system state is provided by the status LED indicators in a flash.

A pool filtration pump is required to operate the system, and the flow rate must be a minimum of 700 GPH.

intex krystal clear saltwater system above ground pool chlorinator

Saltwater System by Intex Krystal Clear

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Pros Cons

  • Suits swimming pools that are located above ground (above ground pools)
  • Control panel with a simple interface
  • Keypad with a lock
  • a clock that runs continuously for the entire day
  • Automatic cleaning modes are available in three variations:
  • Electrolytic cell made of titanium.
  • Boost mode is activated with a single button press.
  • Warranty period of two years.


  • Temperature, PH, and salt levels are not displayed.

intex salt water chlorinator

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