Is Florida’s Largest Backyard Swimming Pool in Pinellas County?


How big is Florida’s largest backyard swimming pool?

If you believe the sellers of a $14.3 million East Lake mega-mansion, it’s very, very big, with 14 waterfalls, a lazy river, and enough chlorinated shine for eight typical suburban pools.

Listed this week as Tampa Bay’s second most expensive property on the market, the gargantuan property is already a masterpiece of excess with its opulent 21,000-square-foot mansion and 13 full bathrooms.

It even has an entertainment wing, The Village, modeled after a cobbled square, with a smoky cigar pub, mahogany library and book shoppe, ice cream parlor and marquee cinema, all priced at under £4 is covered in gold. leaf trimming.

But like many Floridians anticipating summer, we were most interested in the pool, with its own hidden slide, jungle-style rope bridge, “volcano” hot tub, and 15-foot diving board.

William Baumgart, 54, and his now ex-wife Nancy built the home in 2006, the same year he sold his Clearwater-based TransContinental Title Company to one of America’s largest title insurers for an undisclosed amount.

And they don’t seem to have skimped. Surrounding the lazy river, which takes five minutes to float, are stucco rocks handcrafted by the same fake rock designers at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando’s Jurassic Park River Adventure.

Six commercial pumps and several thousand meters of underground pipelines keep the water flowing; Six separate heaters keep it warm. A gardener was hired full-time to tend to the water park’s towering palm trees, birds of paradise and jungle flora.

The 12-foot-deep pool alone holds 200,000 gallons—enough to top off things like Sulfur Springs Water Tower or SeaWorld Orlando’s penguin pool. But we couldn’t help but wonder: Is it really the largest home pool in the Sunshine State?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, nobody keeps a ranking of the state’s largest residential pools. Even the experts had no idea. The Florida Swimming Pool Association and the National Association of Pool & Spa Professionals didn’t know. Neither the president of Aquatic Consultants, a luxury pool manufacturer from Miami, nor the editor of Luxury Pools magazine.

Fred Kimball, secretary of the Associated Swimming Pool Industries of Florida, knew the world’s largest pool (the drive-in mega-pool at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile) and the deepest (the frighteningly abysmal Nemo 33, a 113-foot dive). swimming pool in Belgium). As for the largest only in Florida? No dice.

But there’s at least one contender in the battle for the king of backyard pools: singer Celine Dion’s South Florida estate. The island property, now selling for $72 million, features water slides, a lazy river and three sprawling pools totaling 500,000 gallons.

In 2007, a Palm Beach Post report found that the diva’s estate guzzled 18,000 gallons of water a day, enough to fill 10 Olympic-size swimming pools each year.

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So the crown for the largest pool seems out of reach for the palace in northern Pinellas County. But try to hold back your tears. The mansion also features a 1,200 bottle wine cellar with capacity for 238 gallons of wine. That’s more than enough to make you forget it’s just a dumb pool.

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