Luxury Home Builder Expands Focus to Luxury Pools and Outdoor Lifestyles

Our clients want an environment that is as unique as it is relaxing, this is where form meets function.

Aquashapes, a luxury pool and outdoor lifestyle company, announces the launch of their new website. The website contains full-screen, high-resolution photography of their pools, spas and outdoor spaces which focus on the four classical elements air, fire, earth, and water. Aquashapes pools and spaces are built to the highest standard by focusing on meticulous engineering, the highest quality products and imagination. “We ask our clients to ignite their imaginations and change perspective,” said Mark Batson, Founder and President of Aquashapes. “They want an environment that is as unique as it is relaxing; this is where form meets function for us.”

AquaShapes creates well-rounded outdoor lifestyles by applying the four classical elements, air, fire, earth, and water. Air covers fans, misters, and distributed audio whereas Fire includes fire pits, fireplaces, lanterns, and heaters. Earth focuses on landscaping and paving elements and water, the most important element, is covered in pools, fountains, and water features.

“Incorporating games into your outdoor décor is one way homeowners can engage guests of all ages,” shared Batson. Aquashapes not only builds luxury pools, but handles the design and planning process as well as building custom spas and water features. Aquashapes is currently serving the Wilmington, North Carolina market and plan to expand to other markets in coastal North and South Carolina.

To learn more about Aquashapes contact Mark Batson at 910-679-4610 or visit Aquashapes online at

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