Luxury Pools has completed the 3 pools as per contract for the Lautoka Swimming Pool Project

Luxury Pools has completed the 3 pools as per contract for the Lautoka Swimming Pool Project

The company that was awarded the contract by the Lautoka City Council to construct 3 pools as part of the Lautoka Swimming Pool Project, Luxury Pools has completed the pools as per contract while construction of the buildings to be done by another company as part of the aquatic centre project are yet to be completed.

Fijivillage has established after clarification that Luxury Pools completed the 25-metre pool in March 2019, they completed the children’s pool in May 2019 and the 50-metre main pool was completed in December 2019.

The contract for the construction of 3 pools was $4.8 million VIP.

We have received information that there is some money outstanding to be paid to Luxury Pools after the completion of the pools.

The guarantee and retention period for defects after completion for 6 months also finished off in June 2020.

Fijivillage has also received information that the tenders for the construction of 3 pools and installation of the filters were put out separately.

The Ministry of Economy says the pool project is on hold since it is under Peer Review process to thoroughly verify the value of works carried out by each party against the payment made to date and pending payment claims, defects and any further processes/activities undertaken during the construction stages.

The Ministry’s Construction Implementation Unit says to date, a sum of $6.49 million had been paid to the consultant and contractors.

The unit says Luxury Pool has been paid a total of $4.4 million while another company has been paid a total of $1.28 million. It says necessary actions will be taken upon the completion of Peer Review report which will be discussed with relevant stakeholders to determine the outcome.

CIU will await the outcome of the Peer Review report to comment on the future of this project.

The Ministry of Local Government had earlier said that costs had escalated from the budgeted amount of $2 million to $12.6 million.

Lautoka City Council Special Administrator, Debra Sadranu had terminated the contracts of the building contractor and the project manager last year as there was a significant delay in the completion of the project.

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