More Than a Simple Backyard Pool

What does it take to move a pool from an ordinary backyard feature to an extraordinary oasis you can turn to for peace and refreshment from your everyday life again and again? It takes a better commitment to design, and while that’s sometimes rare in this industry, for Liquid Evolution Pools, it’s just part of their origin story. 

It All Started with a House

John Smieszek began to see the need for a different kind of pool builder.  Smieszek was more a part of the custom home construction. He hoped to find a pool builder to create something that matched the DNA of the house he was building. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly the specialty most pool builders get. Often pools were simply added wherever it fits in after the home design was completed. 

Company founder John Smieszek picks up the story. “Typically the pool is really underserved in the design end where what you’ll see on a set of plans typically is a blob that says permit by others for the pool. That’s where we really want to change the way things are done in a way and come in earlier and help with design and help it get built better really by getting the paperwork right and the planning right. That’s where we start. We bring that same thoughtfulness and concern all the way through the project.”

It was that need for change that led to the creation of Liquid Evolution Pools, custom luxury pool builders unlike any other. Instead of simply putting a pool to fit the space, they create a design that reflects the home itself, creating an outdoor experience that matches the fit and finish of the home, leading to outdoor space that not only increases the appeal and value of a home but also offers a comfortable environment of outdoor luxury. 

The Most Common Industry Mistakes

Over the years, the company has seen some pretty problems with the methods of other pool designers. 

The market disruption Liquid Evolution Pools has created all comes down to forethought. 

The Pool Builder Scottsdale Needs Now

Liquid Evolution Pools works directly with homeowners and/or Scottsdale builders to bring their luxury pool and spa visions to life. Pool projects are best when we are brought in early, and we are able to work with the architect and interior designers, landscape architect and understand exactly what it is everyone’s trying to pull off and how they want and see everything working so that we can make sure we create something that fits perfectly with every aspect of the design.

While the two often joke about doing more planning than necessary, the simple truth is that Liquid Evolution Pools begins with a solid, thorough plan that looks at the details and what makes each project different from every other. That allows them to create a process, a schedule, a budget, and ultimately a bespoke pool that is an extension of the home. 

The Liquid Evolution Pools team is changing the way swimming pools and spas are created for Scottsdale area homeowners, and that change will be reflected throughout the real estate market. 

For more information on Liquid Evolution Pools custom pool builders, please contact us at 480.744.2805 or visit

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