New Jersey Swimming Pool and Landscaping Company Profiled In Luxury Pools Magazine

This luxury pool with fiber optic star lights accents a majestic view of the distant New York City skyline.

Chris Cipriano and Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools and Landscaping of Mahwah, NJ are the feature story in the Spring 2011 issue of Luxury Pools magazine. In the very first pages of the biannual periodical, the luxury pool magazine, which features some of the most talented luxury pool builders in the world, dedicates a three-page spread to the New Jersey design and build firm. In this profile, Cipriano sheds light on some of his industry expertise, providing readers with a detailed look into a few pools and outlining the importance of designing a swimming pool and landscape as a whole to find a balance in the outdoor living space.

The builder profile focuses primarily on the design process and the creativity used to not only balance the aesthetics of a scene but also balance the lifestyle and goals of the homeowner with the realistic limitations of the property. The story continues by outlining three brief cases in which Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools and Landscaping used thorough planning, preparation, creativity, and skill to provide homeowners with luxurious swimming pools and landscapes.

First, on a small lot in Ridgewood, NJ, the pool was in a flood plain and called for privacy from nearby neighbors. These challenges, along with the homeowners’ lifestyle of relaxation and entertainment, were the primary focus of Licensed Landscape Architect Bill Moore. Bill came up with the idea for a 215 square-foot dipping pool with raised coping to prevent flood waters from entering the pool and a decorative barrier wall along the back of the pool for privacy. The outdoor living space doubles as the perfect backdrop for a dinner party and an elegant retreat for relaxation, perfect for the homeowners’ private lifestyle.

The profile then describes a swimming pool project in Saddle River, NJ, which dealt with strict municipal regulations and a steeply sloped property with a 26-foot elevation change. Cipriano’s creativity took these challenges and created a two-tiered design with waterfalls cascading into the swimming pool and a natural vanishing edge flowing down to a collection pool at the dining patio level. The waterfalls drown out the noise of a nearby highway. The upper patio provides space to relax around the pool. The lower dining patio includes an outdoor kitchen and plenty of space to entertain guests.

The goals of the final luxury pool were to accent an amazing view across a NJ valley and provide plenty of space for entertainment and relaxation. From moving the pool to accommodate a view from a different window to a glass tile installation and pool plaster application around 200 delicate fiber optic light stems, Cipriano is shown to have skillfully adapted to changes as the project continued to grow. The result was a spacious Limestone patio, outdoor kitchen and grill, and a Roman-ended swimming pool with glass tile mosaic designs, fiber optic star lights, fiber optic deck jets, and a glass tile infinity edge to frame the majestic view.

In general, these three cases outline the luxury pool profile by denoting a clear balance between creative, resourceful designing and quality, experienced building. Each of the award-winning pools and landscapes demonstrates an ability to completely satisfy the homeowner as well as the outdoor living space itself.

About Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools And Landscaping:

Celebrating over 22 years in business, Five time international award winner Cipriano Landscape Design is a recognized industry leader in custom residential landscapes, masonry and swimming pools. After a little more than a decade in business, the company catapulted to the top of the state’s luxury landscaping and pool industries when it was awarded a $2.5 million residential landscape project. Today, along with the Ramsey, NJ office, the Cipriano family owns a 10-acre farm and nursery in Mahwah, NJ, where large caliper specimen trees and other rare plants are grown. With a design office headed by 15 year veteran Certified Landscape Architect William Moore, the Cipriano team has won 50 awards of excellence since 2006 including the Northeast Pool & Spa Association’s 2007 Best in Competition Award. In 2008, the Cipriano team earned the Certified Building Professional (CBP) credential from the APSP, one of only five custom pool builders in Bergen County to have earned the certification.


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