You Can Live Like A F’in King By Renting A Swimming Pool Like It’s Airbnb


Airbnb is great when you’re getting away with some buddies to party all weekend at somebody else’s house, but during the summer, the only reason any of us overspend on a dope pad is for one reason: A sick swimming pool. Knowing that, wouldn’t you rather drop a couple hundo to swim for a couple days in a luxury pool? Fuck yeah you would, and that’s what a new app is letting people do.

Swimply, an app that’s being described as the Airbnb for swimming pools, is the newest hot commodity to have on your phone, with people realizing that it’s a helluva lot better to party at someone else’s pool all day rather than sit around and do nothing because shit’s shutdown. Forget the neighborhood pool that has a bunch of random piss in it — assuming it’s even open because of the pandemic — and start living the high life by taking a dip in someone else’s pool.

Perfect for all those IG moments to really boast about your lazy days lounging around, Swimply’s popularity is blowing up during the pandemic, with the app reporting an insane 2,000 percent growth during this weird time, per the New York Post. And because you can spend anywhere from $20,000 or more for an in-ground pool of your own, just renting one at a sick mansion sounds a little bit more appealing — and cost-effective. Nobody needs to know it’s not yours. Hell, they don’t even need to know it’s not a friend of yours. All that matters is that you’re soaking up the sun and doing it in fucking luxury.

So many of us are either bored with work right now or are (sadly) unemployed and just collecting government cash to survive. While food and housing should absolutely be atop your list of necessities, don’t undervalue how sick it’d be to rent a pool from some rich bastard who lets you party all day long like you’re Billy Madison and his buddies. That sounds like the fucking life, man, and the ideal way to pass some quarantine time.

(H/D NY Post)

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