Everything you need to know about hardscapes

Everything you need to know about hardscapes

From the early years, pool owners used hardscapes to make their pools more appealing. The expansion of the pool industry has led to the development of various hardscaping material designs. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, the demand for pool deck services is currently increasing. Therefore, pool builders should do their best to keep up with this high demand.

Everything you need to know about hardscapes

Hardscape Myths: Truth vs. Reality

Certain myths surround hardscapes. As a result, a good percentage of skilled pool builders avoid providing hardscaping services.

Most pool builders are unsure how to deal with hardscapes. They prefer not to offer these services. Once they master the pool, they finish the project.

Hardscape’s product manager at NPT, Paul Golomski

What is the reason for this uncertainty?

Paul continues: “The uncertainty usually comes from the installation process. Pool builders don’t want to install a pool deck that doesn’t offer high durability. They worry that the pavers will wear out after six or eight months.” Contractors don’t want to destroy their reputation and credibility. However, if you use the right laying technique, pavers can last for decades.

In addition, very few builders do not take into account the cost of additional material. And that affects their profits at the end of the day. For example, if you are dealing with an 800m2 pool deck, you cannot use 800m2 pavers. Usually you use more material because some squares are not flat.

The manufacturers provide the necessary help

The increasing demand for outdoor renovations should prompt new contractors to offer pool cover services. However, the biggest challenge preventing builders from offering this type of service is education. Fortunately, hardscape manufacturers are doing their best to assist builders with the installation. Once you’ve purchased a hardscape material, manufacturers are ready to guide you through the installation process. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, hardscape manufacturers would even come on-site to guide contractors. Due to Covid restrictions they are now offering tutorials virtually. And they don’t charge anything for that.

Various designs and customization options

A wide range of decking materials currently exist, and each offers a unique aesthetic. There is something for every type of pool and every design. Golomski explains, “Pool owners prefer natural stone over traditional concrete pavers.” Typically, natural stone offers more aesthetics compared to concrete. Nonetheless, travertine is the best choice for NPT. Travertine offers an exceptional and distinctive aesthetic. If you want your pool to stand out, travertine is the best decking material to choose from. Also, you can adjust it to your preferred shape and size.

Maximum durability and lower maintenance costs

Hardscape materials offer a variety of benefits. One of the best things about these materials is that they are durable. Hardscape materials can look good for decades. In addition, they involve fewer maintenance procedures and costs. Natural stone, for example, requires no maintenance. All you have to do is sweep it with a traditional broom to keep it clean.

Light hardscape materials are better

It would be best to install a lighter colored hardscape material for your pool. Most hardscape materials will feel hot or even burn if you step on them barefoot. Lighter materials do not absorb as much heat as darker hardscape materials because they have a high Solar Reflective Index (SRI). It’s much more comfortable to step on a lighter hardscape material.

Experience your outdoor area virtually

Fortunately, you can visualize the hardscape material in your yard prior to installation. Remember that there is a wide range of hardscape materials to choose from. And choosing the right one to complement your garden can be a challenge. NPT Backyard App helps you see the result of the project through a virtual pool design studio.

Golomski says: “Our company is currently launching new products. Some of them include porcelain, marble, and flagstone.” Once you get access to the Backyard App, you’ll see what your pool area will look like. With the app you can customize your pool with different decking materials from natural stone to concrete. Then you get a clear virtual presentation of how the pool is most likely to develop.

Hardscapes: A promising future ahead

There was a lot of uncertainty in the early months of the pandemic. But after a while, homeowners started upgrading their backyards to make summer vacations more rewarding. As a result, the demand for hardscaping materials increased. Golomski says, “We have never seen such high demand for hardscapes. We expect the same demand in the next two to three years. So 2021 will most likely be a busy year.”

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