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From unwanted tires and electronics to hazardous waste and prescription drugs, the Hardin County Government is offering opportunities throughout the year for residents to properly dispose of these items.

The first event will begin later this month to get rid of unwanted tires. The tire collection event will be from 8 am to 3 pm March 31 and April 1 and 8 am to noon April 2 at the county’s former landfill at 3870 Rucker Road in Elizabethtown.

The county is hosting the collection as part of a statewide event in cooperation with the Kentucky Division of Waste Management, Solid Waste Director Stephanie Givens said. It is a free opportunity for residents and non-residents of Hardin County to rid themselves of unwanted tires, she said.

The tire collection event is held every three years. Givens said they collected 56,483 tires and serviced 788 cars in 2019, the last year the event was held.

After the tires are collected, a vendor sorts them and takes them back to a facility for processing. Normally, the tires are shredded and provided as landscape mulch, tree rings or can be melted back down to use as walking trails and other items.

Tires that are foam filled, calcium filled, off-road construction, tracks or sheet rubber, solid with/without press rims or a bead greater than 1¾-inch will not be accepted.

Since it is a statewide event, Givens said residents can contact the state or local office to see when and where the next collection will be if they miss the local one.

Also in April, the county will have its annual E-Scrap recycling event from 8 am to 2 pm April 30 at the AGC Automotive Americas Plant, 1 Autoglass Drive, in Elizabethtown. The event offers a free opportunity for residents to dispose of electronic scrap.

Items accepted for disposal include cameras, cellphones, computers, copiers, keyboards, modems, scanners, telephones, VCR and CD players, video game equipment and more.

Hardin County Government started the program to keep electronics out of Pearl Hollow Landfill because hazardous elements are contained in many items.

This event is for Hardin County residents. In 2021, 59.29 tons of electronics was collected.

In the fall, Hardin County will have its Household Hazardous Waste and Prescription Drug Disposal Day from 8 am to 2 pm Sept. 17 at Metalsa, 750 N. Black Branch Rd., in Elizabethtown.

The event started in 2008 as a free way for residents to appropriately rid their homes of household chemicals and wastes. Organizers accept a multitude of items from pool chemicals and batteries to household cleaners and insecticides.

No commercial waste is accepted. Radioactive waste, explosives, poisons, asbestos, acetylene, isocyanate cylinders and froth paks are prohibited.

This collection day is open only to Hardin County residents.

Givens said they collected 25,993 tons and serviced 609 cars during the 2021 event.

In between the E-Scrap and Household Hazardous Waste and Prescription Drug Disposal Day events, there will also be two free service days at Pearl Hollow Landfill. The days will be 7 am to 1 pm June 4 and Sept. 10.

The free service days are for Hardin County residents only. No commercial businesses or contractors. All loads must be secured and covered.

All of these events will be held rain or shine, Givens said.

For additional information about any of the events, go to or call 270-360-9207.

Givens also reminded residents that they can now skip the phone call and connect digitally with the county’s text messaging platform. Hardin County Government recently joined with TextMyGov, giving Hardin County the ability to receive answers to common questions, report an issue or concern, request services 24/7.

To get started, they can text “Report,” “Issue,” or “Concern” to 270-951-0951.

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