Fairy Tales Hair Care Expands US Retailer Distribution For 2022

Fairy Tales Hair Care, a best-selling kid’s brand for salon-quality products, announces expanded retailer distribution for 2022.

New collections and products will be hitting shelves around the US at major retailers including CVS, Walgreens, Ulta Beauty, HEB, Wegmans, Hannaford, Weiss, Meijer and Big Y, the company announced.

CVS, a longtime partner of Fairy Tales Hair Care, is expanding its kid’s section, and as a part of that program to offer more choices, the retailer decided to increase the number of stores which carry Fairy Tales Hair Care’s Rosemary Repel and Tangle Tamer lines to 3,000 doors. Additionally, the 2,000 CVS stores will carry the brand’s Sun and Swim line travel kits during the summer season. The formulations keep hair free of chorine green and epair lost moisture due to pool chemicals and salt.

Walgreens, which has carried Fairy Tales Hair Care’s hero line, Rosemary Repel, is now adding the Tangle Tamer line and the Daily Cleanse, putting products at more than 3,500 Walgreens stores.

Ulta is also carrying the entire Fairy Tales Hair Care collection.

HEB has also chosen to carry the entire line. The retailer plans to add the new Daily Cleanse line to its existing selection of Fairy Tales Hair Care.

Fairy Tales Daily Cleanse line, the newest and currently the most popular product behind Rosemary Repel, is now also being sold at Wegman’s, Hannaford, Weiss, Meijer and Big Y stores, according to the company.

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