Get ready for spring cleaning with Monroeville waste collection day

Household hazardous and electronic waste collection days are scheduled at the Monroeville Public Works Building, 200 Starr Drive.

The collections are open to everyone, and the next event will take place starting at 9 am April 16.

Accepted chemicals include paint and workshop products, automotive products, cleaning products, lawn and garden products, pesticides, every type of battery, every type of light bulb or tube, flammable materials and pool chemicals.

Acceptable electronics and freon-containing products include televisions, computers, printers, telephones, window air-conditioning units, dehumidifiers, small refrigerators, microwave ovens, laptops, gaming device and any other device with a cord, screen or circuit board.

Rates per pound are televisions and monitors, 50 cents; other electronics, 30 cents; freon, 25 cents; paint, 54 cents; bulbs and batteries, 65 cents; and household chemicals, 86 cents. Propane cylinders of all sizes are accepted at $4 each.

Register at or call 412-567-6566.

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