Good samaritan helps firefighters in Cape Coral with garbage truck fire

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — A good samaritan helped firefighters contain a garbage truck fire in the Sandoval community.

Firefighters said it happened around 10:45 am on Thursday.

When crews arrived they found a Waste Pro truck on fire plus a man who was trying to help.

Officials say, Andrew Gonzalez, a concerned citizen who was hosing down the truck when firefighters arrived, got a community recognition coin for his actions.

Cape Coral Fire Department

Waste Pro’s Corporate Communications Manager, Melisa Catalanotto said that lithium flammables, the battery inside phone/computer chargers, household and pool chemicals, fireworks, charcoal, and ammunition pose a serious threat when thrown out in the garbage or recycle bin.

According to Waste Pro, the driver yesterday responded to the situation correctly by dumping it into the street so that it could be extinguished and to prevent further damage to the truck or driver.

No one was hurt and Waste Pro cleaned up the trash that had to be dumped on the roadway.

To prevent further events like this, Waste Pro said they will be partnering with Cape Coral and Lee County’s sub waste division to hold a Bulk items and Household Chemical Waste disposal event Saturday.

Other disposal events are also scheduled for May 7 and August 6.

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