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As local residents conduct a little spring cleaning around their homes, officials say it’s important they remember there are things stored in the basement and garage that should never be dumped in a landfill.

Officials say the average home in Tennessee produces 20 pounds of household hazardous waste annually.

That’s why Washington County will be collecting hazardous household waste on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the parking lot at Daniel Boone High School, 1440 Suncrest Drive, Gray.

The event is free and is open to any area resident. It is part of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation’s Mobile Household Hazardous Waste Collection Service.

When you arrive, you will be asked what county you live in and from how many households you are bringing waste.

To make sure things go smoothly, TDEC and Washington County’s Solid Waste Department ask that you keep materials in the original containers and double package any leaking containers. Place any breakable containers in a box, cushioned with newspaper.

Household hazardous waste is defined as corrosive, flammable, toxic, or reactive materials used in your home, car or truck, or garden and lawn that is unwanted/unusable. Tennessee’s Mobile Collection Service has operated since 1993 and collected more than 23 million pounds of hazardous waste.

The program is funded by a 90 cents per ton surcharge on waste entering landfills.

Things to properly dispose of at this event are:

• Household drain openers, oven cleaners, wood cleaners, wood polish, metal cleaners, metal polish, toilet bowl cleaners and disinfectants.

• Home maintenance chemicals, such as paint thinners, wood preservatives, paint strippers, paint removers and adhesives.

• Lawn and garden chemicals, such as herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers.

• Automotive products, including fuel additives, grease/rust solvents, air conditioning refrigerants, starter fluids, body putty, coolants, carburetor cleaners and fuel injector cleaners.

• Miscellaneous items, including fingernail polish removers, pool chemicals, photo processing chemicals, pharmaceuticals, aerosols (spray cans), compressed gases, mercury thermostats, mercury thermometers, fluorescent light bulbs, needles/sharps (in containers) and lead.

Items that will not be collected at this event are:

• Medical or infectious waste (besides needles and sharps in puncture-proof containers), explosives, ammunition, smoke detectors or any empty containers.

• Waste from non-household sources, such as businesses, schools, farms and churches, will be accepted by appointment only. Please call 643-3170 to request a price quote and schedule an appointment.

• Batteries, oil, paint, antifreeze and electronics are accepted daily at all Washington County Convenience Centers and will not be accepted at the Daniel Boone event.

For a complete list of what the county’s convenience centers accept, visit

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