Lexington Fire Department responds to hazmat incident

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — Lexington fire crews responded to a hazmat incident around 8:48 am Wednesday at the Residence Inn in Beaumont Centre.

Upon arrival, fire crews learned a worker had a reaction after an exposure to pool chemicals.

Per @LexKYFire: Crews at @Marriott Residence Inn in Beaumont for HazMat situation. A worker had a reaction after an exposure to pool chemicals this morning. Building evacuated. One patient sent to hospital. HazMat companies are investigating the exposure now. Scene still active. pic.twitter.com/xJB0JDfKM5

— Kristen Edwards (@kedwards_tv) March 2, 2022

LFD Major Brian Dawson said they believe the worker mixed chlorine bleach and muriatic acid thinking it would double the cleaning power. Instead, it created a dangerous chlorine vapor.

Dawson said he was taken to the hospital and is doing better now after he originally had difficulty breathing.

People are now allowed back inside after the hotel was evacuated. Dawson said chemical readings showed it was safe for everyone to return.

Meanwhile, the leftover chemicals were placed into containers and shipped off to a chemical waste facility.

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