NY Airbnb with indoor heated pool is the perfect getaway

Talk about a great rental property. If you’re trying to find somewhere to plan a fun weekend getaway with your friends or family, this Airbnb in the lower Adirondacks is one you’ll make fun memories of.

This Airbnb in Gloversville, New York is 2000 square feet and the indoor pool is the main attraction of this space, with a very fancy system that is serviceable with non-chlorine water.

We use 4 high quality pool chemicals. We have a high tech UV system that as it goes through the filter and before re-entering the pool helps kill viruses and bacteria and keep the pool clean. The pool temperature is kept between 90 and 94 degrees.

Owner Chantele says her Airbnb is a great place to relax, enjoy and make memories.

As listed, the home is fully furnished with a full bath, 1 bedroom/loft, sleeps 4. 2 more guests can sleep on the sofa corner. There is a king size day bed and a futon that converts to a full size bed.

We are located in the lower Adirondacks just outside of town on 17 acres surrounded by dense rows of trees that abut state land. Neighbors can’t see us and we can’t see them. If you don’t hear in the fall and winter months you can see the only 2 neighbors we have if you look closely. It’s really quiet and peaceful here.

Your stay comes with a host of amenities, including access to a fully equipped kitchen and appliances, streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu (wireless) and more.

This Airbnb rental has 4.97 stars and the ratings for cleanliness, accuracy, communication, location, check-in and price are all 5 stars.

Would you like to find out more? Check out the inside of the property below.

This New York Airbnb has a huge indoor pool for guests

You won’t find many places that have access to an indoor pool, but this Airbnb ticks that requirement you may have. This year-round indoor pool is 2000 square feet and is located in New York’s lower Adirondacks. Check it out below.

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The Zillow listing for this nearly $1 million home describes the property as an “entertainer’s dream home.” With over 6 acres and 6,400 square feet of living space plus over 2000 square feet of additional entertainment space, this unique property has it all.”

would you like to live here

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