Penn Waste fire caused millions in damage but won’t disrupt trash collection

A fire that broke out at the Penn Waste Recycling facility will not cause any disruptions to municipal trash collections, a company spokesperson said Wednesday.

Emergency responders arrived to the blaze around 8:30 pm Tuesday evening at 3625 Mia Brae Drive in Manchester Township, according to Amanda Moley, a spokesperson for Penn Waste.

“At this point, we are unsure of how the fire started,” she said. “Historically, when we’ve had fires at our recycling facility, they’ve been linked to combustible items or hazardous waste that was not properly disposed of.”

These items include rechargeable batteries, propane tanks and pool chemicals – all items that should never be placed in curbside recycling or trash, Moley added.

At this point, the incident will cause no delays to municipal trash collection. York Area United Fire and Rescue estimates $8 million to 12 million in damages, she said.

If that were to change, updates will be posted to and municipalities would be notified.

“The building structure appears in tact, but our recycling sorting equipment is heavily damaged,” Moley said.

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