“Potentially Hazardous Smoke”: Fiberglass, chemical fumes released when fire sweeps through the Kenwick factory

Flames have engulfed a Kenwick pool factory, releasing potentially hazardous fumes, including fiberglass and pool chemicals, into the air.

The fire at the industrial building near Liddlelow Street was reported just after 3pm but has since been contained and brought under control.

Since the burning structure was a pool factory, the smoke escaping from the inferno was potentially dangerous, as both fiberglass and pool chemicals had already been identified in the fumes.

While firefighters struggled to bring the blaze under control, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services urged people to avoid the area.

People nearby have been instructed to stay indoors, away from smoke and potentially toxic fumes, with doors and windows closed and air conditioning turned off.

camera iconSmoke could be seen for miles. Credit: 7NEWS/delivered

The Albany Highway was closed, as was Kenwick Link in both directions between the Roe Highway and the Albany Highway, amid concerns that construction debris may have fallen onto the roads.

Firefighter Adrian Hamill said the area was completely cordoned off “because we know this time of day, traffic chaos, everyone’s coming home so we’re trying to minimize that as much as we can.”

As HAZMAT crews tested how potentially toxic the air was, thick black smoke continued to be pushed toward Perth’s southeastern suburbs.

camera iconThe smoke could be seen for miles. Credit: 7NEWS/delivered

It is understood that they are still awaiting these results.

Almost 55 firefighters attended.

The fire, believed to have been caused by mechanical failure, is believed to have started at the rear of the building. From there, it spread quickly, with winds stoking the flames as they burned through two warehouses.

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