Preparing your pool for summer is getting more expensive

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — As the warmer weather arrives across southern Arizona, many are getting ready to hit the pool.

Preparing pools for swimming has gotten more expensive over the past year. The price of chlorine has doubled over the past year, according to Bill DeCook at E-Konomy Pools.

Like many supplies, pool chemicals have been hard to get a hold of.

DeCook said they were able to order their supplies ahead of time.

“We’re pretty well stocked,” DeCook said. “We should be able to handle all the things this summer.”

The price to run a pool pump is around $200 a month, according to DeCook. New pumps cut down on some of the costs.

Another way to help alleviate some of the costs is to get ahead of maintenance. 

“It’s the perfect time to get your pool chemistry straightened out,” DeCook said. “First of all, if you wait till it gets warm you usually end up with a green pool. Also, filtration is really important. Make sure your equipment is running right.”

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