Aiper Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Innovative Seagull 3000 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

According to Aiper’s CEO Richard, “The Seagull 3000 was designed to push the limit on what it means to combine all the advantage of corded and cordless pool cleaners. The features of this product have never been seen before on the market. The Seagull 3000 represents our commitment to being the best-in-class in the cordless cleaning device space. Our solutions offer an unparalleled mix of efficiency, safety and ease of use. At the same time, we work hard to make sure that our prices are the most competitive on the market. So we launch this Seagull3000 cordless pool cleaner on Kickstarter this time to offer our product to all over the world for the first time.”

This product is the first cordless pool cleaner that equipped with a phone App. It differs Seagull 3000 from other pool cleaners that the Seagull 3000 can clean easier by offering 4 different modes on your phone to meet all your needs to clean the pool. This product can also be manually controlled to clean a specific area. With this app, it ensures that every corner of the pool is cleaned. This has been attested to by early buyers of the groundbreaking product. Nicole, a beta tester of the product, says “The Seagull 3000 does an incredible job of cleaning my pool. It cleans the pool and walls effortlessly! “

Aiper believes cordless pool cleaners make pool cleaning safer, especially for families with children or elderly people, which is the concept of “cordless pool cleaner” arsing from. Without the limits of cords, the cleaning surface coverage will no longer be constrained. More importantly, no more time and space needs to be spent on maintaining cords. Supported by a 7,800mAh floating battery, Seagull 3000 can achieve 120 minutes runtime, cleaning as large as 3,229 ft2 without the risk of a cable twisting.

What hits the industry as well is that the Seagull 3000 is the first cordless pool cleaner utilizing 120W power, which enables it to pick up all kinds of debris and sediments including leaves, sands, small stones, worms.etc. Its auto parking technology guides it moving to the pool’s edge when the battery is dying. This Aiper automatic robotic pool cleaner was designed by maximizing the latest technology to ensure maximum cleaning efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The Aiper team strongly believes that innovation is the eternal driving force for progress,  product evolution and development. This crowdfunding campaign of Seagull 3000 on Kickstarter offers an opportunity to be part of something revolutionary.

Aiper is one of the world’s top cordless robotic cleaner brands. Trusted by millions of customers, Aiper is renowned for designing and developing smart cleaning solutions for swimming pool, yards and homes. Combining experience and tried and tested methods with innovation and creativity enables Aiper to conjure up new ideas to ensure that customers have access to the best products.

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