AIPER Unveils New Dive Series at IFA 2022

The company that innovated robotic pool cleaners by creating the world’s first cordless models has unveiled their new Dive series at IFA 2022. Pool owners will now spend less time cleaning with two new products – the Dive A and Dive E. This new collection of robots features longer cleaning times, shorter charging times, and broader surface cleaning capabilities. The Dive Series is equipped with Aiper’s gyroscope technology, dual-drive motors, self-parking capabilities, new filter bags, and an upgraded LED indication system. All of this to say, Aiper is raising the stakes in the pool cleaning industry.

According to the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, there are 10.4 million residential and 309,000 public swimming pools in the United States. And where there’s pools, there’s the tedious task of pool cleaning – which means less time spent in the water and more time dealing with sand, dirt, leaves or any other fun-spoiling debris. Which is why the only way to get that time back is to eliminate the chore entirely with a simple, easy solution. From cordless pool cleaners that can climb walls, to intelligent path planning and auto-swerve technology, the compact and sleek design of Aiper products disguise their long-lasting battery life and incredible cleaning strength. Its lithium battery also makes the products an eco-friendly alternative. 

“Unlike any other on the market, Aiper’s cordless robotic pool cleaners are bringing smart technology directly into people’s backyards – and giving them the opportunity to spend more time actually enjoying their pool instead of cleaning it. We’re excited to expand our presence and product offerings in the US market, bringing a convenient, cost-effective and effortless way for pool owners to clean and maintain their outdoor oasis year-round,” said Richard Wong, CEO and Founder of Aiper Global in a recent press release.

Dealerscope senior managing editor Sam Hitt spoke with Aiper’s U.S. manager, Andres Gomez. to find out more about this new product launch.

“This product has a gyroscope, so it knows more or less what is going on around it,” said Gomez. “If you already went through one side, so it knows that and is more efficient that way.”

The entry level model will finish a standard size pool in about 70 minutes, although there are other models for faster cleaning or larger pools. There is also one model that allows manual cleaning and comes with a cable and can be controlled via phone. The different models range from pool owners of standard in-ground and above ground pools of various sizes.

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