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Since Brexit, British expats without Spanish residency can visit Spain 90 days out of 180. Some Brits have a holiday home that they use regularly for their Spanish holidays.

Outside of the high season, Spanish resorts are often quieter and some resorts don’t see much use in winter.

One person posted on the Vilamartin forums that they were “excited” by the “horrible condition” of their property this January.

A poster with the name “movistar” read: “The new year was over, as always I had a great time.

“What bothered me is the horrible state of the pool, totally neglected, uncleaned, all sorts of ugly stuff floating around in it.

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“To make matters worse, someone lets a big dog poop over the white limestone just before entering the pool area!

“The big question is, will it be settled before the season starts?

“Next, why was this allowed? With dog pooing continuing, there is clearly a current danger to all using the communal pool, especially children.”

Many expats own houses in holiday complexes that have common facilities like swimming pools and gyms.


Often an appointed mayor oversees general business and takes care of all problems.

One commenter replied: “You may want to contact the president of the community to inquire about the pool cleaning schedule during the winter months and ask to see the accounts so you can see how much it costs to clean it several.” To keep clean and shiny for months while not being used.

“Since Covid it appears some owners have faced financial difficulties during the pandemic and fees may not be paid and therefore something has to give way.

“As for the dog mess, and as a two-dog owner, I’m appalled at the attitude of some other owners, but that’s something else you could bring to the President’s attention.”

Another user said: “Our pool is cleaned regularly during the winter months even when not in use and looks lovely.

“Ice cold, but wonderful. As for the dog mess, try to find out who it is so you can name it, it’s disgusting behavior.

“I would make my voice heard if this were the condition of my pool/garden area.”

British expats in Spain require a residency or visa to stay in Spain for more than 90 days out of 180.

Some of the most popular Spanish destinations for British expats are in the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol regions.

Both areas have established expat communities.

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