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ATLANTIC — The Atlantic City Council approved Wednesday a job description and salary for a new Pool Manager’s position that officials say is needed to ensure the Sunnyside pool is operated safely.

The new position will be responsible for training staff and all operations of the pool including scheduling, public relations, maintenance including daily chemical analysis/testing, pool cleaning, cleaning of bathrooms and concessions stand area, among others.

The goal is to provide some clarity on who is responsible for what and free up Parks Department staff for other duties.

The job will pay $14 an hour and applicants must be 18-years-old, have a high school diploma and knowledge of pool management and operations or general management experience is preferred. They must also have or obtain Lifeguard Training Certification.

“The Sunnyside Pool has been a beast to manage for every Parks Director since I joined the city in 2011,” City Administrator John Lund said in information provided to the City Council. “Lifeguards need supervision. The mechanics of the pool are old and need regular care. The chemical balance of the pool is essential for the safety and health of the public. Life for the Parks Director is pretty much go-go-go from May to August with the parks, facilities, programs, and staff management of the Atlantic Park system. Having an on-site Pool Manager will go a long way in helping focus the Park Director’s attention on the greater system, while allowing Sunnyside to have the supervision needed to operate safely and effectively.”

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