Get Your Clean on in Pool Cleaning Simulator

Pool Cleaning Simulator – a new 3D (dirt, danger, and delight) simulation game by FreeMind. The project is being developed by the fantastic team of Rubens Games and is going to be published by FreeMind. Maybe you’ve heard of us – we create games about hobbies and leisure. The game will come to Steam in 2023.

Pool Cleaning Simulator will give you the chance to become a one-person pool cleanup company that removes pool contamination, replaces filters, the disinfection and sanitizing of the pool environment in an unusual way!

Swimming pools in luxury neighborhoods, municipal swimming pools, hot tubs after a successful party, a mini wading pool for children, or a forgotten pool in an abandoned garden – are waiting for you and your equipment. Use the latest technology, but also old proven tools. On this job, you can’t do without a shovel, brush, or sponge.

Pool Cleaning Simulator is a unique way to become a slayer of pool monsters – figuratively, but also literally! Get rid of uninvited guests from the pool – something has nested in the customer’s pool? Grab a net and find them a new home, although in some cases a net may not be enough.

Raise your reputation, and unlock access to better and better equipment. Plan your job list according to whether you care about more quick tasks like changing the filter in the hot tub or washing the floor, or whether you prefer to devote yourself to thicker problems that need to be spread over several days..

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