Pool TikToker ‘worth 1.3million’ says Tinie Tempah asked him to pretend to clean his pool

Pool cleaning in the UK may not sound like the most glamorous of professions, but a Bedfordshire man has managed to turn it into an art form that has garnered millions of views on TikTok in the process.

Miles Laflin, 32, is nicknamed “The P00l Guy” on the platform and has been one of the most popular creators on the site since filming began in 2020.

After initially being confused by the popularity of his videos, Miles’ profile has grown and grown and he now has a host of celebs including Tinie Tempah and Derek Chisora ​​who are dying to be featured in his videos.

For the past 13 years Miles has traveled the UK as a Swimming Pool Engineer cleaning pools and hot tubs.

His short, stylized videos highlight the intricacies of his process and are incredibly satisfying to watch.

Miles’ methods mesmerized viewers

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A typical clip shows Miles either sucking up algae from the depths of greenish whirlpools or scattering chemicals that cause large clouds of chlorine to drift over an empty pool.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Miles admits he got caught up in his TikTok success.

He said: “I’ve been doing pool cleaning for about 13 years, it’s been a while, I only started filming it in 2020. I had a personal TikTok account and one day I just posted one while I was at work. It got more attention than any of my others so I just went from there with the P00l Guy account.

Due to the unreliable weather on that cursed island, many people have asked him how he manages to make a yearly living cleaning pools – after all, how many people can own pools in England?

Well, Miles insists you’d be surprised.

Since 2020, Miles’ TikTok has changed his life

He continued: “People always ask me how there are so many pools in the UK, they think it’s a summer job.

“In fact, there are so many pools in the UK you’d be surprised. In summer I can visit up to 30 baths in a week, it’s crazy. Each job takes about 30 minutes to an hour.”

Since going viral, Miles’ life has changed in pleasant, if not earth-shattering, ways.

He said: “I still enjoyed the job, but now that everyone else enjoys watching the content, I enjoy it more. Sometimes I notice it when I’m on the road, it’s changed my life quite a bit.

“I didn’t realize how satisfying it was until people pointed it out. So I started tagging #satisfying and #ASMR in my videos to get traffic. I also make sure the edits go smoothly so people get the most out of it. ASMR is a huge genre of videos to explore.”

Samir Hussein/WireImage

Miles says he once collaborated with Tine Tempah on a pool cleaning video

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Of course, nowadays it’s impossible not to associate viral success with millions of pounds.

BedfordshireLive reports that Miles’ channel is estimated to have a potential income of £11,187 per post, or £1.3m a year.

It sounds too good to be true and Miles seemed to agree.

He explained: “I don’t know exactly how much I’ve made since I started this, it’s definitely helping.

“They’re worth making for the money they’re getting. I’ve seen reports that I’m making millions from this, but that’s not true, it would be fantastic if it were.

“I didn’t really spend a lot of money. I bought a new car and camera gear from it. I put a lot of that back into the business to be honest.”

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Still, there are other ways to measure your wealth, and since Miles started filming, his contact book has exploded.

He now has numerous celebs on his client list, including soccer star Jermaine Jenas, and has even collaborated with celebs on videos including fulfilling a bizarre request for Tinie Tempah

He said: “Tinie Tempah messaged me asking if I could be in a video. I went to his house and pretended to do his pool.

“It was a collaboration, I suppose. I also do jobs for footballers like Jermaine Jenas, I do his pool twice a month.

“Derek Chisora ​​came out this week, he wanted to see what a day in life is like.

“It’s pretty weird, but it’s cool.”

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