Robotics Company SMOROBOT Launches Revolutionary Smart Robotic Pool Cleaner with Intelligent Path Planning Technology

In the middle of summer, when the scorching heat is at its peak, swimming has always been a constant for relaxation, exercise, and a soothing for the mind and body. However, oftentimes, the rejuvenation gained from a nice cool dip in the pool is often followed with the headache of pool cleaning to keep everything in optimum condition. Fallen leaves, dust, grit, hair, algae, and other bacteria can seriously affect the health and safety of those swimming in a pool. Traditional pressure or suction side pool cleaners often lack intelligent path planning technology, and effectiveness is simply dependent on debris bumped into at random. In addition, most traditional cleaners are not only time-consuming but come with safety hazards and additional product costs while leaving much to be desired in terms of a thorough pool cleaning.

Recently, SMOROBOT made plans to launch the revolutionary smart robotic pool cleaner – Tank X series. Introducing intelligent path planning technology into the pool cleaning industry has greatly elevated how cleaning is carried out. This new integrated smart technology makes pool maintenance more thorough, effortless, and stress-free. Tank X robots use a 100% cordless design to optimize efficiency, convenience, and safety. Breaking away from the heavy, corded designs of its product counterparts, Tank X robots have a lightweight construction of only 18 lbs, making it easy for everyone in the family to use. Most corded design pool cleaners bring the risk of tripping, shock, and other safety hazards — adding to the stress of pool maintenance. However, the cordless construction and engineering of Tank X robots successfully eliminate those worries for a safer, risk-free cleaning.

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What is Intelligent Path Planning Technology?

The intelligent path planning technology of the Tank X robots uses high-precision sensors and exclusive motion-control algorithms to navigate varying water flow conditions successfully. The innovative technology measures the robot’s location and position autonomously and calibrates accordingly to adjust its moving direction and distance underwater. Regardless of whether Tank X is on the pool floor or walls, the robot will follow the navigation algorithm’s smart route planning to eliminate any blind spots for a more thorough, complete coverage of your pool. The tank-wheel propulsion system and powerful vacuum design make Tank X perfect for ground traction and scaling walls to reach the pool floor, side, and waterline without any manual assistance. 

Tank X has three built-in smart electric motors with a suction power of up to 188W – coupled with the high-speed rotating brush wheel, the Tank X masterfully absorbs fallen leaves, grit, grime, algae and other stubborn impurities for a thorough clean every time. With a whopping 10,000mAh battery, the Tank X can run for 3.5 hours on a single charge — cleaning an area of 4100 sq. ft. When the battery is near depletion Tank X will automatically park itself next to the pool wall and can be recharged in a little over an hour. 

On March 29th, 2022, Tank X series smart robotic pool cleaner signed up on the world’s largest crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, and has officially launched to the global market. With product pricing below $800, the Tank X series now holds a strong competitive presence in functionality and affordability among its competitors. Statistics show that tens of millions of families worldwide use household swimming pools, and this number continues to grow with each passing year. The introduction of the transcendent AI path-planning ability of Tank X will be a catalyst and motivating force changing the market landscape.


SMOROBOT is a technology company focused on engineering smart home cleaning products. Founder Henry Pu, used to work at Microsoft and holds a doctorate in electrical engineering. He has over 20 years of experience in scientific research, product development and was once awarded the Microsoft Gold Star Award. Afterwards, he went on to receive nine global design awards and holds nearly 100 technology patents. The core team at SMOROBOT is composed of vision-driven team members with experience working with some of the most prominent fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, IBM, GM, and more. The SMOROBOT team specializes in artificial intelligence, robotics design, supply chain management and has vast experience with innovation and implementation. SMOROBOT company is rapidly growing and now has branches in North America, Asia, Australia, and other regions with a vast distribution network and service support services.

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