Smart App Robotic Pool Cleaners- Technology Improving Lifestyle!

We all know how technology has revolutionized our worlds, especially our daily lives and our chores that took ages to get done and now you see them getting done in minutes and in the most tech savvy way. Smart phones, especially phones have everything available in their app store to download and start functioning machines, technologies, even robots just by the press of a button. How cool is that?

Did we ever wonder that we would be cleaning pools without the old conventional ways and wasting so much time and energy or with those chemicals being used that harmed our skins as well. Oh yes, we are stress free because these 3 amazing cordless, robotic pool cleaners which are operable easily just by your iPhone by downloading the applications.

After extensive research regarding this technology, we picked out the top 3 robotic pool cleaners for you that are speedy, effective, worth the money and easy to use. The best of all considered after research is Aiper’s crowdfunding campaign which is excited to launch Seagull 3000. The product has been crowdfunded on on March 22, 2022.

1. AIPER Seagull 3000: Wall-Climbing Cordless Pool Cleaner

AIPER Seagull 3000 is worth the money and time to invest in making pool cleaning all the way stress free and very tech savvy. Kickstarter is taking the initiative with others joining hands to give this innovative project a boost. The Aiper Seagull 3000 has been announced and it is taking the audeience by a strike with its extensive features like a 7800mAh floating battery with a maximum duration of 120 minutes, 120W suction power with 180mm ultra-fine filtration, and up to 3229ft2 cleaning coverage on a single charge.

The cordless design of the Aiper Seagull 3000 removes the inconveniences that corded cleaning entails, such as bothersome cable maintenance, tangled wire, tumble and electric shock.With Seagull 3000, Aiper the safest and most efficient pool cleaning experience. The team hopes it will provide users with a game-changing experience. The Seagull 3000 consumes all garbage in the pool and has a runtime of 120 minutes on a single charge.

The newly developed automatic parking technology of this Seagull 3000 can automatically return it to the pool when the battery is about to run out, avoiding the embarrassing situation of being unable to remove the cleaning robot from the pool due to insufficient battery.

 The intelligent APP control also allows for personalised and efficient pool cleaning which can be easily downloaded and controlled by your iphone.The Aiper Seagull 3000 can simply wander about and fully clean the trash on any surface thanks to exceptionally powerful motors and sturdy PVC scrubbing brushes. Seagull 3000 performs equally well on concrete, vinyl plastic, and fibreglass surfaces, as well as on the floor, wall, and waterline.The Aiper Seagull 3000 includes numerous intelligent cleaning modes to clean hard-to-reach spots through the Aiper APP and Bluetooth receiver on the floating battery. Homeowners may also set the cleaning mode using the APP to pick the appropriate cleaning solution based on the state of their pool.

2.  Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner comes furnished with four novel sorts of channel media to catch everything from super fine particles to bigger things like leaves.

For pools as often as possible tormented by leaves, exploit the larger than usual garbage pack. This pack permits the unit to gather leaves, oak seeds, twigs, from there, the sky’s the limit, holding them in the cross section sack for simple exhausting. You can trade between channel types effectively by getting to the board under the vacuum and embedding any channel media prior to beginning the unit. A “Full Media” marker light on the power supply alarms you when now is the ideal time to clean the locally available channel.

3.  Polaris F9550 Sport

Assuming you have a vinyl pool liner, you are almost certainly searching for an automated pool cleaner that can clean actually yet tenderly. In any case, remember that some vinyl examples can become worn by any rehashed activity or scraped area, even manual scouring or vacuuming. So it’s feasible to see wear designs from the cleaning activity of any pool cleaner, mechanical or not.

The Polaris F9550 Sport utilizes a back impetus framework to get started with one finish of the pool then onto the next, utilizing ActivMotion Sensor Technology to make its cleaning more effective. This robot vacuum is intended to explore restricted spaces, like corners and steps, however some vinyl pools might restrict this capacity. The installed vacuum framework catches garbage within a channel canister, which is effectively gotten to from the highest point of the mechanical pool cleaner.

Benefits of Robotic Pool Cleaners in Your Life

Save Your Energy

Some robotic pool cleaners are so energy-efficient.This saves your money and has practically no effect on your home’s energy use. If lowering your home’s carbon footprint is essential to you, this sort of equipment can assist you in keeping your pool clean while not significantly hurting your home’s energy use.

Works According to Your Schedule

Many homeowners still hire a pool-cleaning service to keep their pool in good condition. If you’re arranging a pool party that clashes with your pool-cleaning schedule, you’ll have to reschedule.Your robotic pool cleaner operates only when you instruct it to. Do you intend to utilise your pool at an unexpected time? Not a problem! You have complete control over your cleaning gadget.

It Works With Your Wifi

Many varieties of robot pool cleaners connect to your home’s Wi-Fi and may be controlled via a smartphone app. As long as you have access to data or Wi-Fi, you can monitor its operation from within your house, inside your neighbour’s home, or halfway over the world. If you want to be sure your pool cleaner includes this capability, look for it in the gadget specifications before you buy. This function is not available on some of the most basic models of pool cleaners.

Robotics Technology is Improving Living Standards

 Technology is evidently making life easy and increasing living standards.Not only can robots operate with more precision, reducing the amount of time and resources lost, but they can also work quicker (and for longer) than people. It may affect the jobs that people rely on but it is still more cost efficient and saves energy and time as well.

Bottom Line

Smartphones and technology like iphones have made life a piece of cake. If we give it a thought, we have everything in our hands and all the control we want. The article above clearly defines it and gives out the best five options to us, obviously all of them are for different types and have different usages which will cater different consumers wants. Hope the above mentioned options will give you a good idea about what you are looking for in your new pool cleaning technology and make your life easier by getting one of these.

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