What is Joe De Sena’s net worth? Fortune explored ahead of No Retreat: Business Bootcamp premiere

Fitness enthusiast and former Wall Street broker Joe De Sena is coming up with some serious team-building activities on his new show, No Retreat: Business Bootcamp. Many business teams will be digging deep into their minds to resolve their mental barriers at Sena’s elite Vermont training facility, The Farm.

Spartan’s CEO has accomplished many things in his career, not just as a racer but as an entrepreneur too. Owing to his success, he has also notched great financial success.

No Retreat: Business Bootcamp will feature businesses undergoing grueling physical and mental tasks to improve communication, fuel teamwork, and ultimately help them emerge more resilient than ever.

What is Joe De Sena’s net worth after No Retreat: Business Bootcamp?

The businessman has been a New York Times bestselling author twice for Spartan Up, Spartan Fit, and The Spartan Way. He is an impactful writer and a serial entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Born and raised in Howard Beach, Queens, Joe De Sena started a small business selling fireworks at a very young age. In his teenage years, he moved to a t-shirt business followed by a pool cleaning business.

Later, the 53-year-old sold his business for $500,000 and worked as an equities and derivatives trader on Wall Street.

Joe developed a knack for athletic events when he started gaining weight from his desk job. His interest led him to participate in a 350-mile winter adventure race in Quebec in 2000. Upon realizing the essence and the impact of long-distance events, he couldn’t wait to start his own invented endurance races.

De Sena’s passion led him to start the Spartan race, which is a series of obstacle races ranging in length and difficulty from one mile to marathon distances. Till now, many countries like North America, Europe, South Korea, and Australia have hosted it.

Different versions of Spartan like The Spartan Sprint, Super Spartan, Spartan Beast (12+ miles), and Ultra Beast are all part of the series.

In 2012, The Spartan Race was described as the Best Obstacle Race and ESPN described it as a “true test of will.” Moreover, The Spartan has hosted over 800 events in 42 countries since its formation, attracting over one million visitors each year.

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No Retreat: Business Bootcamp will premiere on March 8 at 9.00 pm CST on CNBC.

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