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Perhaps the best – and most obvious – characteristic of yachts is their ability to travel anywhere in deep water. That means going far beyond the usual sailing grounds like the US Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico. It means bypassing Cancun and Cozumel and instead traveling to Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast with its rich marine life, rainforests and beaches. The Bahamas is a busy destination, but if you avoid Freeport and head south to the Exumas, you’ll see islands like Stocking where time has stood still. The San Blas Islands in Panama are even more rewarding for natural beauty and cultural diversity. Outliers like the Galapagos Islands and much further afield the Seychelles are maritime crossbreeds for several species. The good news is that luxury charter yachts can access these cruising grounds and serve as a comfortable home away from home in even the most remote waters.

Endless Summer

Courtesy of Y.CO

Pacific Coast, Costa Rica

This country’s top attractions include helicopter flights over volcanoes to land on untamed rivers, ziplining in pristine rainforests and freediving with whales, sea turtles and mega-shelled dolphins, as well as navigating shark showers in a liveaboard off Cocos Island. Endless Summer’s treasury puts you right in the action and includes kiteboards, dinghies and snorkel gear, and – of course – a lavish wine cellar. From $250,000 per week via Y.CO


Courtesy of Pelorus

San Blas Islands, Panama

Remote San Blas boasts some of the world’s richest marine life across 365 mostly uninhabited islands. Thanks to adventure company Pelorus, all areas aboard the 165ft Trending are accessible. That means exploring Coiba’s diverse ecosystem on your own, snorkeling in the Holandes Cays, kayaking the rainforest rivers in Cerro Hoya, and hiking the Pipeline Road in Gamboa for exceptional birding. From $210,000 per week via Pelorus


Bold charter yacht

Stocking Island, Exumas

This narrow island has a population of 10 but rewards charterers with sea caves and empty beaches. At 280 feet, charter yacht Bold has stunning interiors and a large open stern with water toys including electric foilers and transparent kayaks; There is even a helipad. And its 9 foot draft provides access to the other local islands. From $990,000 per week through Cookson Adventures

Nimes Blue

Blue from Nimes Yacht

Courtesy of Edmiston

Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles

Home to 150,000 giant sea turtles, Aldabra Atoll is the second largest coral atoll in the world, made up of 55,000 acres of outlying islands. The recently refurbished 13-cabin Bleu de Nîmes is no stranger to Seychelles. With an itinerary organized by Cookson Adventures, the helicopter provides quick access to our islands and dive sites, as well as beachside cafes serving local Creole cuisine. From $486,500 per week via Edmiston

aqua mare

Aqua Mare yacht

Thierry Ameller/Courtesy of Northrop & Johnson

Galapagos Islands

Explore one of the richest nature reserves on earth aboard the 54 meter long Aqua Mare. The archipelago features giant tortoises, iguana colonies and numerous bird species. Adventurers can paddle over giant Galápagos sharks, snorkel with sea lions, and explore lava landscapes before returning for a whirlpool soak and gourmet meal. From $196,000 per week via Northrop & Johnson


Flag charter yacht

Jeff Brown/Courtesy of Burgess Yachts


Grenada’s southernmost location in the Windwards defines secluded Caribbean cruises. Aboard the 203-foot flag, guests can spot leatherback turtles from the sundeck pool, then explore shipwrecks, dive in the marine reserve, hike in the rainforest of the Grand Etang Reserve and land on Spice Island’s expansive beaches, including Black Bay Beach for a private excursion barbecue on black sand. From $427,600 per week via Burgess

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