A look at some of St. Lucia’s most breathtaking waterfalls

Toraille Falls. Credit: Gary J. Wood/Flickr

With its spectacular scenery, St. Lucia has quickly become one of the most popular travel destinations in the Caribbean. The island is known for its scenic mountains – the Pitons being the most famous. The mountains also give way to an abundance of waterfalls on the island. From small cascades to torrential downpours, these natural attractions are some of the island’s most impressive.

Here are some of the most beautiful waterfalls in St. Lucia:

Diamond Waterfall and Botanical Gardens

The Diamond Waterfall in the Diamond Botanical Gardens, located east of the town of Soufrière, is one of the most famous waterfalls in St. Lucia. The gardens are part of the Soufrière estate, given to the Devaux family by King Louis XIV in 1713 in recognition of their services to France. Today the property is still owned and cared for by their descendants. Water gushing from underground sulfur springs cascades downhill in rivulets, forming the Diamond Waterfall deep within the Botanic Gardens. There is also a mineral bath on site which is said to have healing powers, a nature trail, an old mill and a water wheel.

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Toraille Falls

Located in the Soufriere area and with a drop of around 50 feet, the Toraille waterfall is one of the most important on the island. It is considered a natural monument and is popular with visitors and locals alike. Many visitors enjoy the relaxing sensation of the water falling on them, mimicking a massage. The Toraille Falls are on the way to the Fond St Jacques rainforest and are easily accessible from the main road. There are changing rooms and picnic facilities, so this is an excellent place for a day trip.

Piton Falls

Nestled within one of St. Lucia’s most coveted outdoor attractions, Pitons Falls is easily one of the most beautiful spots in St. Lucia. On the way to Jalousie Plantation, a world famous resort, and to Petit Piton, you will find the Piton Falls, which drops about 30 feet and has a bathing pool at the end. You can find many restaurants near this waterfall. Guests can also visit the Morne Coubaril Estate and the St. Lucia Zip Lining attractions nearby.

Sault falls

On the east coast of St. Lucia, in Dennery, is one of the largest waterfalls on the island. Also known as Dennery Falls or Errand Falls, Sault Falls has a drop of approximately 55 feet. Its secluded nature makes it the perfect place to hike in small, private groups or on your own. Take a nearby zipline tour among the treetops if you want to get your adrenaline pumping.

La Tille waterfall

La Tille Waterfall and Gardens is just off the east coast of St. Lucia near Savannas, a little inland on the island where the rainforest begins. Although rarely visited, La Tille is one of the island’s more impressive falls, with a large volume of water cascading about 20 feet into a large pool surrounded by greenery. There is a nature trail and rope swing, and vegetarian meals are available on site. Management often arranges guides for nearby hikes, including the Des Cartiers loop and the Micoud coastal path.


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