The 10 Best Caribbean Islands, Ranked By Their Beaches

Pristine azure waters, brilliant sands, and dancing palm trees are just a few of the features that make the Caribbean Islands so appealing to beach bums. The Caribbean Islands are a huge archipelago with 13 islands divided into four regions that have a diverse culture, language, and history. The region covers 2,754 million square kilometers, making it the world’s largest island chain, which is primarily centered between the region of North and South America. There’s more to discover about the Caribbean Sea islands than their azure blue waters and white sand beaches. The best 10 Caribbean islands, ranked by beaches, are listed below:

10 Turks and Caicos

The British Overseas Territory of Turks and Caicos is located in the southeast region of the Bahamas and is home to the expansive Grace Bay Beach, as well as magnificent beach resorts and world-class restaurants. Grace Bay Beach is an eight-kilometer stretch of sparkling powdery white sand and turquoise clear waters with a glistening coral reef off the shore. Aside from that, the island is also home to Princess Alexandra Marine Park, where visitors may see stingrays, tropical fish, and turtles among other aquatic life.

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9 Jamaica

Jamaica is noted for its diverse geography, which features mountains, jungles, and beaches bordered by coral reefs. The majority of the island’s opulent resorts are clustered in Montego Bay, which is known for its British colonial architecture. Negril, or Seven Mile Beach as it is known locally, is a popular beach town noted for its rainforest, mineral springs, waterfalls, diving, and snorkeling opportunities. Furthermore, the Negril Cliffs is a popular attraction for tourists looking for a bird’s eye view of the island.

8th Saint Lucia

St. Lucia, a 238-square-mile island in the eastern Caribbean Sea, is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. The majority of visitors on the island arrive on a cruise ship and spend most of their stay at Castries. St Lucia is noted for its tropical climate and beautiful scenery, which is dotted with several beach resorts. Marigot Bay, Gros Islet, and Soufriere or Sulfur Springs are the most prominent tourist spots on the island. In addition, it is also a great place to visit if tourists are looking for hiking paths.

7 anguilla

Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory made up of several islets on the Caribbean’s eastern coast. The beaches on the island range in size from extensive stretches of Rendezvous Bay’s white sand to hidden coves of Little bay only accessible by boat. Shoal Bay is one of Anguilla’s nicest beaches, offering visitors an exotic island fantasy complete with a jade sea and fish-rich coral gardens. Despite its popularity, the beach is rarely overcrowded, and restaurants surround the shoreline.

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6 The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands, a British Overseas Territory is part of the Caribbean’s volcanic archipelago that consists of four main islands and several islets. The island is famed for its coral-lined beaches and is an ideal destination for yachting. One of the most visited attractions on the island is the Baths, which was designated as a national park in 1990 that boasts a pristine sanctuary of white sand and turquoise-blue waters. Furthermore, the Cathedral Room, which is a small grotto with a shallow pool is also a must-see attraction.

5 Puerto Rico

The tropical island of Puerto Rico is recognized for its waterfalls, mountains, and Caribbean waters. It boasts lovely palm-lined coastlines, golden sand, and a variety of things to engage in. Culebra’s Flamenco Beach, bordered by beautiful hills and with a postcard-perfect stretch of soft white sand and teal waters, is one of the island’s most popular beaches. Rincon, on the other hand, is popular for whale watching and surfing excursions. Additionally, other popular beaches include Vieques and Bioluminescent Bay, Luquillo Beach, Seven Seas Beach, and Isla Verde.

4 Aruba

Aruba is a territory of the Netherlands and is located near Venezuela and Curacao in the Caribbean’s mid-south region. It’s famous for its flashy beaches with glistening white sand and crystal clear waters. Because of its arid climate, Aruba’s seas offer excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities. The southern and western shores have the majority of the popular beaches, which are perfect for a variety of water sports. Furthermore, most of the island’s beaches are open to the public and have umbrellas to provide shade.

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3 Cuba

Cuba, known for its luxurious beach resorts and a plethora of water sports excursions borders the Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico. Varadero is Cuba’s most popular beach, stretching over 20 kilometers of smooth sands and sprinkled with palapa homes. There are also several hotel options, particularly on the Hicacos Peninsula. Aside from water sports, additional attractions in Varadero include wildlife parks, caves, and encounters with friendly dolphins. Melia Varadero, Iberostar Selection Holguin, Memories Varadero Beach Resort, and others are among the island’s leading resorts.

2 Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are made up of three islands in the western Caribbean. Grand Cayman is the main island, which is famed for its beach resorts and diverse snorkeling and diving locations. The island of Cayman Brac, on the other hand, is known for being a starting point for deep-sea fishing trips, while Little Cayman is home to a variety of wildlife, including endangered iguanas. Camana Bay, Rum Point, Barefoot Beach, Owen Island, and Brac Reef Beach are among the famous tourist destinations in the Cayman Islands.

1 Barbados

The beautiful beaches of Barbados are recognized for their pastel pink coral sands, dazzling blue seas, and cliffs. The majority of the island’s beaches have peaceful and secluded expanses of coastline that are suitable for swimming. Aside from smooth, powdery white sand beaches, the island also has rough shorelines that are popular with wakeboarders and surfers, as parts of the seas here have strong undercurrents, making it a great place to come for travelers looking for big waves.

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