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There are over 100 medicinal and recreational baths fed by underground hot springs in Hungary – but which ones are really worth visiting? We’ve already rounded up a few stunning spa-lover destinations in our previous article, but we felt the list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning these 4 stunning spa complexes below. Plan a day of relaxation in one of these magnificent Hungarian thermal baths, where you can heal, splash and forget your worries in unparalleled surroundings.

Tucked away in the south-east corner of the country lies the historic spa town of Gyula. The town is best known for its medieval castle and excellent thermal baths, which attract thousands of visitors every year. In the first half of the 20th century, residents discovered the healing properties of the hot water flowing below the surface. The construction works of the bath followed quickly in 1942. The bath is located in the charming park of the Almásy Palace in the heart of the city. It features no less than 16 different pools. You can enjoy entertainment and therapy pools, swimming pools, bubbling hot tubs, various types of beauty and medicinal massages, water geysers, neck massage water sprays and almost anything your heart desires. You can even enjoy a refreshing drink at the pool bar while immersing yourself in the balmy waters. The spa employs a renowned Hungarian rheumatologist and two naturopaths who can also make appointments on site.


Castle Bath Gyula 2


Castle Bath Gyula 3


The northeastern city of Miskolctapolca is a real treasure for spa lovers looking for ultimate relaxation in stunning surroundings. The cave and sea resort have been known since ancient times. The area was initially owned by a Greek Orthodox abbey, which ordered the bath’s development at the invitation of doctors to study the remarkable properties of the hot springs. The city administration acquired the bath in the early 1930s and has expanded it several times since then. The thermal pool has a lower salinity than other popular spas; Visitors can therefore bathe in the warm water indefinitely. You can take a few laps in the subterranean passageways carved by nature over centuries, or relax in the ominous room and let the therapeutic waters work their magic. If you fancy trying something unique, explore the Float Spa, where you can float on the surface of a supersaturated 25% salt water solution. It’s a holistic experience that heals body and soul, leaving you feeling totally refreshed.

Hungarian Thermal Baths - Miskolctapolca


Hungarian thermal baths - Miskolctapolca 2


Hungarian thermal baths - Miskolctapolca 3


The north-eastern town of Egerszalók is famous for its distinctive ‘salt mountain’ and offers a unique experience that is unique in Europe. The 65-68 C° (149-154 F°) thermal waters, considered one of the best in the category of sulphurous medicinal waters, spring from deep within the earth. The aquifer that supplies the spa with medicinal water was discovered in the 1730s. Before entering the pool, the steaming spring water flows down a series of cascades and its shimmering mineral content crystallizes as it interacts with air at atmospheric temperature, creating this picturesque travertine, often referred to by locals as “salt mounds”. The water is not only rich in sulfur but also in calcium; Both natural components are highly recommended for diseases such as inflammatory problems, gynecological diseases, psoriasis and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The health and wellness spa has a total of 17 indoor and outdoor pools with an incredible water surface of 1900 m2. Thermal pools, whirlpools, adventure pools, slides, children’s area, fitness room and sauna world ensure an unforgettable stay for young and old.

Hungarian thermal baths - Egerszalok


Hungarian thermal baths - Egerszalok 2


This charming town, known throughout Europe for its health center, is located in the southwestern part of Hungary, at the foot of the Villány Mountains. The picturesque surroundings and pleasant climate make Harkány a desirable destination for wellness tourists. The history of the bath dates back to 1823, when János Pogány, an adventurous well builder, found that his aching legs felt lighter after soaking them in the local hot spring. The mineral water emerges from a depth of 50 to 70 meters and reaches an average temperature of 62.5 C° (144.5 F°). The water’s signature scent comes from its rich sulfur content, which is absorbed into the body through the skin and inhalation. In a beautifully wooded 13.5 hectare park, visitors will find a wide variety of pools and a family-friendly atmosphere. Outdoor ‘butterfly’ pools, expansive swimming pools, indoor and semi-indoor thermal pools, relaxing hot tubs, children’s pools and an adventure area entertain guests year-round.

Harkány thermal baths


Harkány thermal bath 2


Széchenyi Baths Budapest

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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