Troncones Is The Mexican Vacation You Didn’t Know You Needed

A vacation to Troncones means seeing Mexico in a whole new way, including one that’s tranquil and scenic.

Mexico is a perennial hotspot for vacationers everywhere—consistently at the top of must-visit lists, the beautiful south of the border destination was even rated by Travel + Leisure as the 2022 Destination of the Year. Home to stunning beaches; amazing resorts; historical and cultural landmarks; and an overall reputation for stellar getaways, Mexico is famously full of fab destinations that offer something for everyone.

But what about those travelers looking for something a bit off the beaten track, a departure from touristy Tulum, crowded Cancún, or the bustling beach of Playa del Carmen?

The good news is, there are plenty of options for those looking to mix up their Mexican vacay with a destination that has all the beauty of the most well-known getaways but manages to stay under the radar when it comes to top tourist spots—and one such place is the small fishing village of Troncones.

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Where Is Troncones, Mexico?

One of the best things about Troncones is its relative obscurity—a small fishing village with laidback vibes, its an idyllic Mexican hideaway that has all the beauty of the more crowded resort areas, but without all of the bells and whistles that make other spots more amenable to tourists looking for more bustling vacation spots. But there’s still plenty of things to do in Troncones, too; making it the ideal blend of relaxation and recreation, a true retreat for those looking to experience the best of Mexico’s beauty.

  • Location: Between the Sierra Madre Mountains and the Mexican Riviera, in beautiful Zihuatanejo (shout out to “Shawshank Redemption” fans everywhere)
  • How To Get There: Troncones is conveniently located about 40 minutes from the Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo International Airport, and visitors can get there via hotel shuttle (if available) or by renting a car or taxi
  • When To Go: The high season in Troncones is November through April with temps averaging around 85-90 degrees, and the rainy season is from June to early October. Traveling to Troncones during the rainy season may offer cheaper prices for those on a budget
  • Known For: Surfing, fresh seafood, beautiful beachfront accommodations, family-friendly activities, tranquil and relaxing vibes

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Where To Stay In Troncones

Despite its small size, Troncones has plenty of accommodation options for those looking for anything from a beachfront bungalow to high-end hotels with a view.

  • Super luxe, relaxing, and quiet, the idyllic beachfront villa from Casa de Oro has it all: great location, awesome amenities, and reasonable rates Prices vary by season but start at $315/night during the high season (November-April) and $200/night during the green season (May-October), with a 3-night minimum stay
  • Beautiful beachfront bungalows await guests of the Tronco Bay Inn, a peaceful resort with ocean, garden, or mountain views; cool amenities; and an onsite restaurant Rates vary by date and season, but start at $89 and up/night during the high season (January 3 through April 8, July 1 through August 31, and November 1 through December 16)
  • Looking for a casual beachside hotel? Then look no further than the boutique beauty Tres Mujeres, an award-winning inn with an outdoor pool, great views, and yoga retreats/events Rates vary by season but start at $128 and up/night during the high season (December through April)
  • The Inn at Manzanillo Bay is just steps away from the beach and a great place to begin any Troncones adventure—book a tour, go sightseeing, hit the spa, rent some gear, or just sit back and relax with this boutique hotel’s killer views Rates vary by date and room type but start at $188 and up/night

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Things To Do In Tranquil Troncones

There’s plenty to see and do in laidback Troncones, whether it’s a relaxing day on the beach or a choose-your-own-adventure out on the waves, the quiet seaside town has something for everyone looking to live their best Mexican vacation life.

  • Start the day off right with a sweet breakfast at Panaderia El Buen Gusto
  • Catch some waves along Troncones’ scenic three-mile-long beach or check out popular Zihuatenejo spot Playa La Ropa for a plethora of fun activities; take a hike in the nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains, or book a kayak tour through Costa Nativa Eco-Tours
  • Chill with the turtles by booking a tour with Eco Ixzi Travel, or take a relaxing horseback ride along the beach
  • Have a happy hour margarita with a stellar view at Lo Serano’s Terraza, then head to Cafe Pacifico for a delish dinner filled with fresh, local highlights
  • Take a day trip to nearby Isla Ixtapa, and snorkel at Coral Beach

Those looking for an epic Mexican getaway that’s as scenic as its beachy counterparts, but heavy on the tranquil and relaxing vibes will find their perfect balance in the small seaside village of Troncones. Just a short jaunt from Zihuatenejo, this charming spot is known for its surfing and chill, laidback atmosphere that’s still full of fun for anyone itching for a south of the border getaway that’s as memorable as it is beautiful.

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