Visit these water parks in Hyderabad to have chill day by the pool

Published: Published Date – 03:45 PM, Fri – 1 April 22

Hyderabad: It’s that time of the year when kids are the happiest. On concluding their final exams, the little ones will be all set to take a break from their academics and have fun during their summer holidays. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to deciding where you want to take your kids this summer. With more and more holiday spots coming up in the city, the list is long.

Ideally, some place with water should be the go-to, considering the soaring temperatures. A chill day at the Water Park will be perfect. These parks have amazing rides and other water based adventures that most kids seem to enjoy. Read on to know about some of these destinations.

Since it kicked off operations, Wonderla has been the favorite choice for everyone. With over 40 rides to hop on to and a huge pool, it provides something for both hyperactive individuals and the relaxed ones. The highlight definitely is the reverse looping roller coaster along with the many water rides. This summer, a street food fest along with live shows are being organized, making it a perfect spot for kids.

Another water based adventure park is Escape Water Park. Located in Shamshabad, this place provides a variety of water rides. With float rides and body slides along with family board slides, this is an ultimate place for a family outing suitable for both kids and adults.

Wild Waters by Palm Exotica resort is one other option with over 60 land and water rides. This water park is spread across 30 acres with green fields surrounding it. Some famous water rides of this park are the Backlash, Hurricane, Boomerang and Tunnel rides.

In case you are looking to avoid adventure rides and just have a lazy day by the pool, Alankritha Resorts is the place to go. Along with a long water slide for kids, this place offers spa services. Known to be one of the best resorts in Hyderabad, it offers a quality experience.

Leonia Holistic Destination is another well-known resort in the city. Built amidst greenery and bamboo formations, this plush resort provides adventure sporting facilities, live entertainment events, and surfing ridge. This place also houses multiple pools to chill on a sunny day.

If you are in search of enjoying a pool day more than once, taking a membership in one of the swimming pools is the best idea. S.R Indoor Swimming Pool, Four Seasons Pool, Oyster Swimming Club and GHMC Swimming Pools are the places to look out for.
Remember, whether you choose to have a chill day or an adventurous day, it is important to take safety precautions when stepping out in the sun. Sunscreens and hats are a must. Prefer to wear light colored clothes and make sure to take a bath once you step out of these water places.

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