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Premier Pools & Spas completed project, Southern Utah, date not specified | Photo courtesy of Premier Pools & Spas, St. George News

Premier Pools & Spas works with each client to custom-build their pool installation or remodel using 3D design, eliminating all the guesswork as to what the finished project will look like. They offer homeowners the most efficient and economical build by hydraulically engineering the entire plumbing and circulation system and properly sizing all plumbing, equipment and fittings.

Unlike many pool builders, Premier Pools & Spas offers a lifetime warranty on both concrete builds and fiberglass shells.

“One of the things that we pride ourselves on is the way we build a pool,” Harwood said. “We look for efficiencies wherever possible.”

Rather than using hard 9o-degree angles in their plumbing, Premier Pools & Spas installs sweep bends and 45-degree angles so water flows much more freely. This makes the pool both easier to maintain and cheaper to operate, Harwood said.

Premier Pools & Spas crew installing a swimming pool, Southern Utah, date not specified | Photo courtesy of Premier Pools & Spas, St. George News

“It costs a little more to do that from the beginning, but it saves people a lot more on their power bill in the long run,” he added. “I think I spend about $20-$30 a month on my power bill to run my pool.”

As general contractors, Harwood and Holm help customers build not only dream pools but complete dream backyards. They design and install outdoor kitchens, pergolas and fire pits, and also sell pools and equipment directly to homeowners looking to DIY.

Premier Pools & Spas has a passion for splashin’. A family-owned and operated business for over 30 years, they’ve completed more than 80,000 pool installations and remodels through 100-plus franchise partners in 35 states. The company is ranked as America’s No. 1 pool builder by Pool & Spa News, among many other awards.

Premier Pools & Spas creates show-stopping backyard centerpieces that give you memories to last a lifetime. Ready to take the plunge? Call 435-255-3633 or go online for a free design consultation.

Written by ALEXA MORGAN for St. George News.

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