Pandemic delays residential pool installation by two years

A Guelph homeowner finally got a pool in his house after waiting two years due to the pandemic. The pool company contracted by the homeowner proceeded with the installation in winter, which is not the recommended season for any installations, to make up for the demand backlog.

One Guelph, Ontario, homeowner finally got their backyard pool after waiting two years due to delays caused by the pandemic.

The pool company contracted by the homeowner installed the pool this month, during the winter as many company’s have had to extend their installation season to make up for the backlog caused by the surge in new pool installations of the past two years.

The pool installer told CTV News when the pandemic started initially there was a complete pall of silence for a while, but then the demand for pools skyrocketed with a lot of customers recognizing the need for a pool at their homes. For the installer, this meant working throughout the previous winter up until February to meet the demand.

“We knew that a lot of companies were busy and swamped,” says the homeowner. However, he was in for a surprise—­­­he found out the pool installer, suggested to him by a neighbour, still had some availability. Initially, the homeowner had given up all hopes the installation would progress this year. “Then, they came and said ‘hey, the weather is going to be decent, we can still do it this year,” he explained.

The installation proceeded smoothly, beginning with the excavation, and then a crane bringing in the 2.74-m (9-ft)-deep fibreglass pool and placing it in the backyard.

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