Planning A New Pool? Here Is What You Need To Get Started

A pool is a great addition to a residential space. It has numerous benefits like increased property value, improved aesthetic appeal and entertainment. However, installing a swimming pool in your home is a bold move that requires preparation and thorough follow-up. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Decide on the Pool you Want

There are several types of pools available for residential spaces. Above-ground pools and inground pools are the main options. Above-ground pools are often small and temporary installations. Therefore, the pools are great for small rental spaces. On the other hand, an inground pool is permanent and takes up more space. Moreover, the pool requires more planning for installation and maintenance.

Among inground pools, there are also different designs. Vinyl, concrete and fibreglass pools are the most common options. Each design has its pros and cons, but the ultimate choice is on the owner.


Planning to install a pool without money is like building sandcastles in the air. Swimming pools are a huge investment, and the cost implications are high. Installation takes the lion’s share of the overall lifetime costs, but other costs include maintenance and repairs.

The installation cost depends on the pool’s size, type and design. The most expensive options are concrete and fibreglass inground pools, while vinyl pools are more affordable. Regardless, the rule of thumb also dictates the bigger the pool, the larger the cheque.

Therefore, as you plan for your new pool, working with a budget is important. A budget will help avoid surprises in the costs and ensure everything sails smoothly.

Site Survey

Not all spots in the backyard are ideal for a swimming pool. A professional site survey is prudent to get input on the best placement for your pool. Placement determines the overall outdoor aesthetics and functionality of the pool.

Moreover, different residential areas need a varied approach to excavation owing to the differences in the soil and bedrock. Furthermore, the type of rocks under your property determines the level of reinforcement needed for the inground pools. Therefore, a site survey is mandatory before commencing the installation.


Several licenses are required to install a swimming pool on a residential property. However, the licensing requirements vary across states. Some of the permits needed are excavation permits, pool permits and construction permits.

Permits are designed to ensure health and safety regulations are upheld. Moreover, they confirm that all the appropriate construction preparations have been scrutinised before commencing with installation.

Since there are no umbrella permits for all the states, it’s important to get in touch with your local authorities and find out what you need to get started.

Pool Company

Site survey, installation and maintenance are all services offered by pool companies. These companies bring together different professionals who ensure a thorough follow-up from the inception of the pool design to the final installation.

There are several reputable pool companies. Therefore, choosing the right company for your project requires a meticulous approach. Moreover, if you can source good referrals, you can land a great pool company.

The best company for your project should be based on performance, reliability and value for money. Moreover, the ideal company provides in-house services to meet all pool installation requirements. This reduces overhead costs on sub-contracts.


As you have noted, a lot goes into owning a pool. Therefore, research is needed to ensure you get all the right pieces. A good source of information on swimming pools is the internet. There are several sites dedicated to swimming pool installation and maintenance. Furthermore, online sources allow live interaction among pool owners.

Although staring down at the journey that awaits you as a future pool owner may be scary, it’s smooth sailing if you are ready. Therefore, follow the tips and start planning your new pool now.

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