Video of crane that crashed into home during pool installation goes viral

TikTok user datzmylife recently shared a video showing a crane that had crashed into her parent’s Richmond Hill, Ont. home during a pool installation.

While TikTok is often known for starting dance crazes, one user recently shared the unfortunate experience of a crane crashing into her Richmond Hill, Ont. home during a pool installation.

As reported by, the footage was shared by TikTok user datzmylife showing the arm of the crane resting on the roof of her house where it caused extensive damage, while the front of the crane’s cab was lifted into the air.

Another video shows the crane lifting the pool over the house and ending with the damage.

The article reports datzmylife said she was only a few rooms away in the house when the crane crashed into the roof.

“I had to run out of there or I was going to be smushed by the crane,” she said in a TikTok post. “I ran for my life.” reported no injuries were caused, although the TikTok user and her family have had to relocate temporarily.

Another crane was brought in to remove the crane that had crashed into the house.

In her most recent update, datzmylife noted the home had been covered with a tarp in the case of rain.


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