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CARTHAGE, Ill. — The Carthage Park District hopes people are hungry to help with pool repairs.

Proceeds from a Friday night fish fry will help pay for repairs needed for the pool to open this year.

The dine-in or drive-through fish fry will take place 4:30 to 7 p.m. at the Carthage Eagles Club, 519 N. Madison. Fish, select sides and desserts will be available for a donation.

Park District Board Vice President Chris Talley said some work must be done on the pool’s filter pit to open for the summer.

“It’s a stop-gap,” Talley said. “We have to do some major repairs on the filter pit, some of the piping there. That’s going to be a larger project in the future, but we’ll do a few things to keep going until we can figure out a better plan as far as some more major renovations.”

Ongoing pool maintenance challenges the park district, but Talley said it’s important to provide that recreational outlet for the community.

“The pool business these days for small towns is a tough business, but there’s value in trying to maintain that local opportunity for the kids that can give them something to do during the summer,” he said.

“It’s not like it used to be. It’s easier for people to have their own personal pools, and water parks draw people in, but we still, I believe, need that local town pool for the kids to go hang out in the summertime.”

More information about the fish fry is available on Facebook on the park district (@carthagepark) and pool (@carthagepool) pages and the Facebook event at

Donations to the pool project also may be mailed to Carthage Park District in care of Earl Boyer, 4 Riverview Drive, Nauvoo, IL 62354.

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