Council discusses best plan for Deloraine Pool –

The Deloraine swimming pool is showing wear and tear after being used by the community for just over 40 years.

Over the next few weeks, the pool repair or remodeling strategy will be evaluated to determine what is the best path forward for the council.

Deloraine-Winchester Reeve, Gord Weidenhamer says decisions must be made – and fundraising must take place.

“By calculations, it was a centennial project built for our community in 1980. So it’s definitely aged. We recently asked a technician to look at the pool and he comes back with a report to see what angle and what the cost will be. This is potentially something our community fundraiser will look into and raise a few good bucks for, to keep it off the tax base as much as possible, and make the right decisions so it’s there for years to come.

Weidenhamer shares some of the structural damage that has occurred in recent years. “We had some problems with the north face collapsing and some drainage problems. I think back, in wet years the pool actually tried to rise once.”

“There are definitely some dollars that need to be spent there if we look at the long term,” he adds.

“The rest is normal infrastructure,” he says. “We’ve kept up pretty well with the cauldrons and things like that. But when it comes to the pool itself, some people say the location could be more accessible to the community.”

“So, looking ahead, there are a few decisions to make.”

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