Get fit and help fix Saxonwold Primary’s pool

Saxonwold Primary School invites locals to join their Wellness Day on March 12.

This year’s event aims to unite community members in the name of wellness and fitness and raise funds to fix the school’s swimming pool.

Ziyanda Netnou participates in the aerobics class at last year’s event. Photo: Sarah Koning

Head of Innovation at the school Frankie Cilliers explained that the school has had to cancel all swimming events because their pool is broken. “Swimming is such a crucial skill and currently our learners are unable to take part in swimming activities.”

The event costs R100 per person and includes access to Zumba, boot camp and yoga classes.

Instructor Sadie Niekerk encourages participants to put their all into the exercises at last year’s event. Photo: Sarah Koning

The event is hosted by Saxonwold Primary and their preschool The World and aims to help participants reach their health and fitness goals while raising funds for the school pool repair.

Cilliers said, “This event is an opportunity to learn life skills like self-care, community involvement and foster a sense of connection and belonging. We cannot ignore the fact that wellness plays an important role in our school for parents, learners and staff.”

Classes are 45 minutes long and are led by renowned and qualified instructors.

The event starts at 8:30 and will run until 12:30. The Saxonwold community and those living in surrounding areas can enter via the school field from 07:30. Food stalls and cool drinks will also be on sale.

Community members can either purchase tickets or donate to the cause by emailing [email protected]

Ticket sales close on March 7.


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